GDBBM – Chapter 971

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Chapter 971: “Big Eared Rabbit (3)”

The big eared rabbit’s wounds were gradually sewed up bit by bit under Jun Wu Xie’s thin and translucent thread. After finishing sewing them up, Jun Wu Xie kept her silver needle away carefully and took out a few more bottles of medicine. Some, she spread over the sewed up wounds, some she pried open the little cloven mouth and stuffed some into it, a series of actions carried out systematically, without the slightest hesitation.

Qing Yu watched from the side in flabbergasted amazement. Although he knew nothing about medicine, he could tell that Jun Xie’s treatment done on the big eared rabbit had been beautifully executed, and he looked at Jun Xie with renewed respect.

A youth who was extraordinarily intelligent and resourceful, possessed higher spirit power than his peers, and was so highly skilled in medicine. Was this boy really human? Could he actually be a devil incarnated?

Jun Wu Xie stared at the big eared rabbit who had fallen into a deep sleep in her arms. Although it was still very weak, she knew that she had managed to save its life.

Lord Meh Meh who had been standing on one side trotted over to come beside the big eared rabbit’s head and sniffed at it with its nose before it stepped a step backwards.

“Meh! !” Lord Meh Meh raised up one of its front hooves and pointed it at the big eared rabbit, before it bleated strangely at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie patted Lord Meh Meh on its round head but she did not understand what Lord Meh Meh was trying to say.

But the little black cat, its face rather surprised, took up the job of translation.


[This dumb sheep says you should dump the rabbit as the rabbit will be competing with it for food.]

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow to look at Lord Meh Meh who was looking highly indignant in protest, not expecting that Lord Meh Meh would “say” such things.

[As an all powerful Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, it was worried that a timid big eared rabbit would steal its food? That would be strange to see.]

But Jun Wu Xie could not afford to deal with it at that moment. After ascertaining that the big eared rabbit’s injuries had stabilized, she then lifted her eyes and looked at Qing Yu.

“Registration done?”

Qing Yu replied: “Cough, I have completed the registration, but it is not for the next match. We’ll have to wait for another two matches as all the other Spirit Beasts have been lined up for the next few matches and we’ll have to wait for them to finish.” Qing Yu had thought that after Jun Xie saw the pitiful state that the big eared rabbit had fallen into, the youth would just give up on the idea of sending Lord Meh Meh up to the battle arena platform to be killed. He really did not expect the youth to be so insistent.

“Alright.” Jun Wu Xie nodded, her gaze turning back onto the battle platform.

The ferocious tiger that had torn up the big eared rabbit to injure it so severely continued to use its humongous size and ferocious nature to overwhelm its opponent on stage, quickly gaining victory for the match without too much of an effort.

But fortunately, that Spirit Beast wasn’t as weak and defenceless at the big eared rabbit and although it was wounded, it wasn’t really all that serious.

At that moment, the owner of the ferocious tiger could be seen strutting around proudly with his chest puffed up among the other people in the crowd. The Spirit Beast he owned had overpowered so many opponents and he was basking in borrowed glory from his Spirit Beast’s impressive results, his face turned up in a smirk, his demeanor unbearably cocky.

In the next two matches, the ferocious tiger still did not encounter much in the way of opponents and it easily finished them off.

“It’s our turn.” Jun Wu Xie wrapped her coat around the still comatose big eared rabbit and shoved it into Qing Yu’s arms while she said: “Take good care of it.”

Jun Wu Xie’s cold and indifferent voice had been tinged with a rare warmth. Qing Yu was not really given a choice in the matter, and he did not even know whether the rabbit would survive actually through it and the next thing he knew, Jun Xie was already walking towards the battle platform with Lord Meh Meh in his arms.

After having won consecutive battles, the ferocious tiger stood gallantly on the battle platform still full of vigor. The past few battles had not given it any damage and it was still as strong and magnificent as before he had fought the first match. Its owner was beaming widely standing by the battle platform as he pulled a piece of raw and bloody meat to feed to it.

It was known, in order to bring out the Spirit Beast’s bestial instinct, some people would use the stench and taste of blood to stimulate their senses.

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