GDBBM – Chapter 970

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Chapter 970: “Big Eared Rabbit (2)”

Qing Yu came rushing over right at that moment. He had not seen Jun Xie at the spot where he had left the boy earlier and he was now seeing Jun Xie walking over to him carrying a dying big eared rabbit which caused his eyes to widen in shock.

“This is the same one from just now?” Seeing the big eared rabbit with its entire body all covered in blood, Qing Yu asked Jun Xie in surprise.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“With such severe injuries, do you really think it will still live?” Qing Yu asked skeptically with a frown when he saw the wretched state the big eared rabbit was in.

A Spirit Beast that had absolutely no attack power like this, would basically never show up in the Spirit Beast Arena at all.

Jun Wu Xie did not say anything but just carried the big eared rabbit back to her seat and sat down. When the people around them saw Jun Xie’s actions, they all cast curious gazes towards the youth, none of them could understand why Jun Xie was doing this.

Jun Wu Xie put the big eared rabbit on her lap. The big eared rabbit’s eyes were tightly closed and it no longer had any strength left in it. Its owner’s abandonment and its severe injuries had completely sapped away its will and it just laid there quietly, waiting for death to claim it.

Jun Wu Xie pulled out a silver needle from her hip without a word, and then retrieved a roll of thread fine as spider web from her Cosmos Sack. She threaded the needle but did not immediately use it, instead taking out a bottle of medicine and began to pour from it, a translucent jade green liquid over the big eared rabbit’s wounds.

The moment that green liquid was poured out, a faint fragrance immediately spread through the air, its smell highly refreshing. All the people seated around Jun Xie were suddenly greatly attracted by the alluring scent and they all unconsciously turned their heads towards it, staring in incomprehension at Jun Xie’s actions. Although they did not know what that green liquid was, but from the scent it gave out, they were able to guess that it must be some kind of a medicinal salve.


Using that medicinal salve on such a low level spirit beast would just be wasted on it.

No one there agreed with Jun Wu Xie’s actions. Everyone had felt that the youth must be a complete lunatic.

The cooling medicinal liquid flowed into the big eared rabbit’s wounds, bringing to it soothing comfort that slightly elevated the big eared rabbit’s agony.

The big eared rabbit who had been waiting for death suddenly felt that the pain on its body had disappeared. It opened its eyes weakly and the face of Jun Xie with his serious expression burned into its eyes. Without knowing why, this person somehow made it feel highly secure, giving it more security than its owner had ever done. The big eared rabbit seemed to be able to feel that Jun Wu Xie wanted to save it. It struggled very hard before it stuck out its tiny blood stained tongue to gently lick the back of Jun Wu Xie’s hand.

Jun Wu Xie stared at the big eared rabbit who was looking at her weakly and she said: “Do not be afraid, I will definitely heal you.”

It was not known whether the big eared rabbit understood Jun Wu Xie’s words or it could have been it was already too weak, as those eyes quickly closed once again.

The medicinal liquid that Jun Wu Xie used earlier, was a kind of painkiller. The medicine would allow the big eared rabbit to no longer need suffer the torment brought by the pain, at the same time, its effects would also stem the bleeding.

After she was sure that the big eared rabbit’s nerves for pain had been numbed, Jun Wu Xie wiped the silver needle meticulously with alcohol and she began to sew up the big eared rabbit’s wounds.

She worked at it silently, as if the loud cheers and jeers within the Spirit Beast Arena did not concern her. She closed herself off from the world, sinking into a world of her own.

Qing Yu had wanted to persuade Jun Xie to give up, as the injuries on the big eared rabbit were so severe that nobody would be able to heal it. But when he saw the deadly serious expression that seldom showed on Jun Xie’s cold and indifferent face, Qing Yu chose to remain silent in the end.


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    If it were a cute fluffy spirit beast, jun wu xie would heal.
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