GDBBM – Chapter 969

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Chapter 969: “Big Eared Rabbit (1)”

The big eared rabbit could not even retaliate the tiniest bit and it was sent flying with a single swipe of the paw by the tiger. The ferocious tiger’s sharp claws left four bloody gashes deep enough to expose the bone inside the rabbit’s body. The big eared rabbit’s shivering body fell and it rolled to the edge of the battle stage, its blood leaving behind a garish bright red trail in its path.

It let out a pitiful groan, the pain tearing through its body causing it to tremble violently. It turned its terror filled gaze to look at the youth standing outside the battle arena area, looking at him pleadingly with its big round tear brimmed eyes and a weak call came out from its tiny cloven like mouth, seemingly begging for its owner to save it.

The youth looked at it with disgust, staring at the completely defenceless big eared rabbit, not a single tinge of sympathy or heartache in those eyes, but with contempt and disdain instead. He turned his back on the big eared rabbit and went on to chat with his companion beside him like nothing had happened, completely unconcerned that his own Spirit Beast was being mercilessly tortured on the battle arena stage, its life hanging precariously on the line.

The big eared rabbit was in utter despair, not understanding why its owner refused to save it. It gave out those pitiful cries again and again but its owner did not even turn to look at it a single time.

The ferocious tiger was just like a overpowering conqueror, slowly plodding with its heavy steps to come stand behind the big eared rabbit, its huge body casting a dark shadow that completely covered the big eared rabbit.

“Roar!” The ferocious tiger opened his jaws wide and the fangs bit deep into the big eared rabbit holding it in its mouth. It then shook its head violently, which flung the big eared rabbit flying far through the air!

Bright red blood was strewn all over as the tiny form sailed over the arena stage’s edge, crashing with a loud thud below the platform, a bright red splatter immediately formed under its tiny form lying on the ground. Its entire body was fully covered in blood, and its trembling had already stopped. A weak and faint rising and falling of its tiny chest could still be seen, but large parts of its abdomen, back, and ears had already been torn and ravaged by the sharp fangs of the ferocious tiger. Blood continued to flow out to pool on the ground, and from the gaping wounds, the bones and innards of the rabbit could be clearly seen.

The youth cast a cold and unfeeling glance at the tiny form and when the announcement declaring the victory of the ferocious tiger was made, his lips curled into a sneer and he spat in disdain towards the gradually weakening big eared rabbit before immediately turning to depart from the place with his companion.

But at the very moment that he turned, he suddenly found a young youth standing right before him, staring at him frostily, which surprised and shocked him greatly.

“You still want him?” Jun Wu Xie asked in an icy tone, her gaze on the big eared rabbit who had almost stopped breathing.

The youth clicked his tongue and looked strangely at the unfamiliar boy before him as he said: “Want what? It’s already dead.”

That nonchalant and uncaring tone, seemed like it was talking about a piece of trash to be dumped.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed. When a Spirit Beast died or got itself too badly wounded to be cured, its owner was then allowed to give it up. The big eared rabbit’s current injuries was to anyone’s eyes, as good as dead at that moment. Having sustained such severe injuries, nobody believed that the little Spirit Beast could be saved.

Even when the youth had said it in so heartless a manner, no one there would actually admonish him in the slightest.

Jun Wu Xie did not bother herself with the youth any longer but instead, she immediately moved to come to the side of the big eared rabbit, carefully and gingerly lifting the tiny form up from the pool of blood.

The youth stared in puzzlement at Jun Xie’s actions. He could not understand why the strange youth would suddenly show such great interest towards a big eared rabbit that was almost on the verge of death, completely not minding the mess of blood and gore and was instead lifting it up instead.

The youth quickly assumed Jun Xie to be either a lunatic, or he must be an idiot.

Glancing once more at Jun Xie, the youth then turned and left the Spirit Beast Arena with his companion.

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