GDBBM – Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: “Rui Lin Army (1)”

With constant nourishment from the Jade Nectar, the lotus seed Jun Wu Xie planted proceeded to bud and flower, the intermingling rich fragrances of the lotus and the wine enveloped Jun Wu Xie’s room at all times.

The fragrance infuses Jun Wu Xie with spiritual energy even while she sleeps.

Contractual spirits from plants may seem useless,however their cultivation techniques were simply ridiculous.

Within a mere two weeks, Jun Wu Xie was able to gather spiritual energy within her body.

Staring at the scarlet glow on her palm, Jun Wu Xie finally allowed a tinge of satisfaction to show in her eyes.

Spiritual energy in this world are classified into seven stages, in the colours of the rainbow.

Differentiated by red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Jun Wu Xie had only just been exposed to the spiritual energy, the red glow in her palm, shows a red spirit.

Spiritual energy can only be developed after the awakening of the contractual spirit, that will mean that people of this world start their training in earnest only from the age of fourteen. Before that, they need to build up their bodies, and fortify their tendons, arteries and veins, in preparation for the awakening. Originally, before she took over this body, Jun Xian conditioned and cultivated Jun Wu Xie from a young tender age intensively in preparation for her spiritual awakening, and made it extremely receptive to spiritual cultivation now.

From age fourteen onwards, people have to rely on their contractual spirits to endlessly cultivate their spiritual energy, as their spiritual energy increases, the spirit absorbs more, allowing them to grow.

They are intertwined and interdependent.

When an average person starts cultivating their spiritual energy, the body is able to gather a minute amount of it and to have the energy manifest outwards would take anyone at least half a year’s time.

However, Jun Wu Xie only took half a month’s time to accomplish this, if anyone knew this, they would be frightened to death!

Jun Wu Xie suddenly retracted everything as the red glow vanished, the next moment, there was a knock on the door.

After she started cultivating, her five senses had been heightened.

“Come in.”

The door creaked open as Long Qi stood outside as he gave a respectful bow: “Second Master has invited Miss to see him.”


Long Qi led the way as he brought her to the underground training grounds, it was an expansive land and it looked awe-inspiring as weapons filled the four majestic walls surrounding it.

At the centre was a lone figure, holding a sword relentlessly practising his sword moves, as the movements were swift and fierce, fluid and sharp, his robe was soaked with perspiration, however he did not seem to care as he continued on with a firm determination.

“Uncle.” Jun Wu Xie called out to him.

Once he heard her, Jun Qing immediately sheathed his sword into the scabbard on his back as he gave her clear and bright smile.

“You’re here, Wu Xie.”

Jun Wu Xie gave a quick analysis as she looked at him from head to toe. No one could have imagined that just not too long ago, the very same person was crippled and was just half a step into death’s door.

Ever since Jun Qing he discovered he could stand, he had been secretly training, pushing himself to his limits daily, in this hidden training grounds, in an attempt to make up for the time lost when he did not have use of his legs.

“I asked you here today seeing the weather has been nice lately, and thought it would be nice to have my lovely niece accompany me to enjoy this equally beautiful spring.” Jun Qing smiled warmly and handed the sword over to Long Qi.

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