GDBBM – Chapter 968

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Chapter 968: “Cruel Form of Contest (3)”

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes was overflowing with an icy, frosty chill. She had noticed that when the big eared rabbit was being heartlessly abandoned on the battle stage, it had looked longingly after the youth as he walked away, the tiny beast obviously looking upon that youth as its owner. It simply could not understand why its owner had suddenly placed itself right before such a ferocious and terrifying Spirit Beast.

It was terrified, and feeling very lost and helpless. It did not know what it was supposed to do, so it had hugged its long floppy ears close and tried to hide itself from the monstrous beast in front of it.

But on that flat and open battle platform, its tiny little form had already been exposed to the sharp eyes of the ferocious tiger and the tiger seemed to know what its mission was. Before the match even began, it had already opened up its jaws wide in a snarl, and it let out a low growl at the tiny big eared rabbit.

“Qing Yu.” Jun Wu Xie called suddenly.

“What is it?” Qing Yu replied.

“Does the Spirit Beast Arena allow a match to stop halfway?” Jun Wu Xie asked of Qing Yu, looking at him.

Qing Yu was shocked as he immediately understood what Jun Xie meant. He looked over to the big eared rabbit on the battle platform and shook his head ruefully. “Unless one side completely loses the ability to battle, or their owners forfeits the match on their own volition, otherwise, the match cannot be interrupted.”

He found the big eared rabbit to be very pitiful as well, but the rules of the Spirit Beast Arena stood strongly before them.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed up and she suddenly proclaimed: “You go help me register. I want to take part in the next match.”

She could no longer make herself watch this inhumane display of senseless brutality continue on like this.

Qing Yu’s eyes grew wide as he stared in disbelief at Jun Xie. “Young Master Jun, what are you saying? You want to take part in the battles?” As he spoke, Qing Yu’s eyes subconsciously fell onto Lord Meh Meh lying in Jun Xie’s arms. From what he could see, this sheep like Spirit Beast was not much different from the big eared rabbit currently on the battle platform. Both of them possessed absolutely zero attack capabilities, and were completely useless Spirit Beasts in a fight. Putting the sheep up onto the battle arena would only result in its death.

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie answered.

Qing Yun then said hurriedly: “Young Master Jun, do not be rash! Anything can happen on the battle stage and it is near impossible to predict its result. When Spirit Beasts from two opposing sides battle, injuries and death cannot be avoided. I can see that you love and treasure your Spirit Beast very much. In competitions like this, it is better that you do not take part in them.”

Qing Yu had never dreamed that Jun Xie would come up with such an idea just after watching barely half a match between two Spirit Beasts.

If it had been another Spirit Beast, he might have relented. But no matter which way he looked, he could not see how Lord Meh Meh who was currently snuggled so cutely within Jun Xie’s arms would possess any attack power. If such a Spirit Beast was placed onto the battle arena, what good could possibly come out of it?

“I want to take part.” Jun Wu Xie said, her cold clear eyes looking straight at Qing Yu.

The words to dissuade Jun Xie caught in Qing Yu’s throat and they were quickly swallowed back down. Jun Xie’s gaze had told him in no uncertain that he was not joking.

“Then….. All right. I will go speak with the person in charge of the Spirit Beast Arena.” Qing Yu said with a helpless sigh. It was for no simple reason that Jun Xie had come to the Thousand Beast City and he had been repeatedly told and reminded by Xiong Ba to look after Jun Xie well. But….. he had barely looked after the youth for less than half a day and he was already feeling that he was about to let Xiong Ba down.

He suddenly realized that Jun Xie, might on the first day that he was in the Thousand Beast City, possibly manage to send his own Spirit Beast to its death.

But unable to face up against Jun Xie’s insistence, Qing Yu stood up helplessly, and went to register for Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie then turned her gaze back, and looked at the big eared rabbit on the battle arena platform.

The match bell rang at that moment, and the ferocious tiger immediately leapt towards the shivering big eared rabbit!



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