GDBBM – Chapter 967

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Chapter 967: “Cruel Form of Contest (2)”

Being brought up onto the battle platform, were two Spirit Beasts. The body of one of them was very much like a big ferocious tiger, its entire body greyish and black, looking muscular and powerful. Two long fangs hung out from its jaws, extending beyond its chin. Compared to a tiger, this Spirit Beast was one whole size bigger.

And facing the huge ferocious tiger, was a Spirit Beast that no one expected to see there.

The other Spirit Beast was a furry fluffball, and only about the size of one’s palm. Looking at it, it looked just like a little rabbit, only that it’s ears were very long, and rounded at the tips, unlike the pointy ends of a normal rabbit.

The rabbit like Spirit Beast was very small in size and standing before the ferocious tiger, it looked completely defenceless. Its entire body was no bigger than one front paw of the tiger and when it was put onto the battle stage, the big eared rabbit just stood in its spot, its long ears drooped over its sides, its big black eyes filled with fear as it trembled visibly.

It was such a tiny little Spirit Beast, why had it been brought in here to compete in the Spirit Beast Arena?

When Jun Wu Xie saw the big eared rabbit, her eyes had immediately turned frosty. She had previously seen these big eared rabbits in the Battle Spirit Forest. They were extremely timid and even among the low grade Spirit Beasts, these were creatures that trawled at the bottommost rung, where they were completely incapable of any aggression. The slightest sudden noise would scare them away and they were herbivores, without needing to hunt for food.

It could very well be said that the big eared rabbit was the most useless among Spirit Beasts. Spirit Beasts like this were completely unable to battle, as they were not even capable of aggression.

At that moment, the confused big eared rabbit could only curl itself up on the battle platform in terror as its body trembled pitifully. Overcome with fear, its two furry front paws hugged its floppy long ears tightly against itself, covering over its own eyes, not even daring to look at the ferocious tiger a single time.

“What is this? Such a useless Spirit Beast and someone has actually brought it here to compete?”

“And after I have been looking forward to a great match waiting through the better part of the day. There is absolutely no suspense in such a battle.”

Inside the Spirit Beast Arena, several people started booing. They did not care about what was going to happen to the big eared rabbit. All they were concerned about was that this upcoming match would be absolutely boring.

“Even a Spirit Beast like this is allowed to take part in the competition?” Jun Wu Xie asked, looking at Qing Yu beside her with a frown.

Qing Yu stuttered a moment. “This….. This is the first time I am seeing a big eared rabbit in the Spirit Beast Arena. The Spirit Beast Arena’s rules only prohibits Spirit Beasts who have not fully matured from competing, but it does not state that a full grown Spirit Beast like the big eared rabbit are not allowed to take part…..”

The aim of the Spirit Beast Arena was to allow more people to showcase their capabilities in the taming of Spirit Beasts and not to promote their killing. Hence, Spirit Beasts who were not fully matured were not allowed to be brought into the Spirit Beast Arena. This rule of the Spirit Beast Arena was well known to all the guards there, so it was obvious that the big eared rabbit upon the battle platform could only be a fully matured Spirit Beast.


A Spirit Beast that did not possess the slightest battle prowess like this, who would want to bring it here and put it up to fight in the arena?

Wouldn’t that just be sending it to its death?

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed, and her gaze turned to look at the youth who had carried the big eared rabbit over to the stage. The youth looked to be only about fourteen or fifteen years, an age rather similar to herself. After placing the big eared rabbit upon the platform, he had immediately retreated outside of the battle platform area, not a single tinge of worry showing on his face, but instead, an expression of relief could be seen.

The Thousand Beast City had a rule. All those who had not yet come of age, were only allowed to tame one Spirit Beast at a time. Regardless that it was the widely despised big eared rabbit, the rules in the Thousand Beast City also strictly forbade anyone from abandoning or killing their tamed Spirit Beast. Hence, the youth had dreamed up this deliciously vicious idea, to throw the completely defenseless big eared rabbit into the Spirit Beast Arena, and let it be killed there!


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