GDBBM – Chapter 966

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Chapter 966: “Cruel Form of Contest (1)”

The people here loves to watch such battles, and they found it highly exciting.

Jun Wu Xie watched the two low grade Spirit Beasts on stage quietly. Low grade Spirit Beasts possessed low consciousness and they almost did not possess the ability for any coherent thought or judgement, where they mainly reacted to situations through their most basic instinct. The Spirit Beasts were completely unaware of the fact that their fighting and killing of their own kind was only just to win more glory for their owners and merely to put on a good show for the spectators surrounding them.

To the Spirit Beasts upon the battle platform, all they were doing was just following their tamers’ wishes and even when their own kind held no enmity towards them, they had no choice but to still bare their fangs, slowly and gradually tearing their opponents apart.

Extremely cruel, highly evil and vicious entertainment.

Jun Wu Xie’s frown remained on her face. She detested this place from the bottom of her heart.

When one of the Spirit Beasts finally succumbed to its severe injuries and was unable to stand back up, the winning side received cheers from the crowd. Its owner of the winner then leapt up onto the platform and carried his blood covered Spirit Beast in his arms, his face delighted and filled with glee.

But he seemed to have failed to notice in the slightest, that his Spirit Beast who had emerged victorious, was all covered in blood, and on its spine, was a wound so deep that its bones could be seen.

The owner’s face showed only joy, and not a single trace of heartache or regret.

“They are just tools here.” Jun Wu Xie suddenly spat out those words icily.

Qing Yu looked at Jun Xie in puzzlement, not knowing why the youth would suddenly say that.

But Jun Wu Xie did not say anything more after that.

It was widely said that people from the Thousand Beast City loved Spirit Beasts. But from what she could see, that wasn’t the case at all. What she saw, was that they merely used the Spirit Beasts as currency to win them glory, treated as tools, and not their partners. They tamed Spirit Beasts, just to show off their talents, in an effort to gain them a chance towards a brighter future, and had nothing to do with love for the Spirit Beasts at all.

No incidents of the torture of Spirit Beasts had occurred only because of the Grand Chieftain’s orders above their heads.

Jun Wu Xie did not believe that these people would in their private time, when away from the eyes of other people, would treat their Spirit Beasts with love and affection.

If they did, why would they put them through such cruel battles in the arena, and allow them to destroy themselves so heedlessly?

The selfishness and hypocrisy of humans, was fully exemplified here. Under the loud raucous cheers within the arena, only Jun Wu Xie was looking at the two exhausted Spirit Beasts, all covered in wounds, her heart feeling highly uncomfortable.

The Spirit Beasts were supposed to live freely together with nature, but because of the selfish nature of humans, they were abducted when they were still in their infancy, and tamed over many years, causing the Spirit Beasts to lose their natural disposition to finally become capital to win glory for humans.

It was sad and highly lamentable.

If not for the fact the Spirit Tamer Bracelet was available here, Jun Wu Xie really wouldn’t want to remain at such a filthy and disgusting place for another minute!

The little black cat could sense the displeasure in Jun Wu Xie’s heart and it lifted up its paw and pawed at Jun Wu Xie gently on the shoulder.

Jun Wu Xie turned her head to look at the little black cat, and the little black cat gave a soft meow.

Jun Wu Xie lifted up her hand and patted its tiny little head reassuringly. She disliked what she saw, but she wouldn’t allow herself to be affected by it. She was no longer that closed up and introverted little girl. She had learnt to be strong, learned to protect herself and the people she cared about in her own way.

The Spirit Beast who had won, was not able to continue with the next match as its injuries were rather severe. Very soon, two other Spirit Beasts were brought up onto the platform for the next match and when Jun Wu Xie saw one of them, the cold chilly gaze in her eyes suddenly turned into one of rage!



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  1. MoonRaven says:

    Yeah, I expected a PETA kind of place when I read that spirit animals were loved here. too.

  2. akuma06 says:

    Do not know what to think about Jun Xie reaction.
    She actually went to the spirit beast tournament, went to disturb the spirit beasts living ground and hunted them and not once or twice but a lot of them.

    So in term of hypocrisy she is also practicing it :’)

  3. Ham meat says:

    jun wu xie views human and spirit beast lives as “equal” yet she mercilessly killed the innocent guy who was forced to frame her match at the spirit battle tournament without batting an eye, now a battle between beasts which has nothing to do with her and she gets so upset?
    Hypocrisy hypocrisy…

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