GDBBM – Chapter 963

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Chapter 963: “Spirit Beast Arena (1)”

Jun Wu Xie glanced at Lord Meh Meh in her arms. Spirit Beasts and Spirit bodies had their own specific differences. The little black cat gave people the feeling that it was very similar to a ring spirit, while Lord Meh Meh on the other hand, even when it hid its oppressive dominating presence as a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, it was still obvious to people that it was a Spirit Beast.

“Picked it up along the way.” Jun Wu Xie explained nonchalantly.

That was true anyway.

Qing Yu was still feeling rather puzzled and he went on to say: “Then the little fella must have been bound to Young Master Jun by fate. Judging from its size, it should be a low grade Spirit Beast. But even for low grade Spirit Beasts, they would still hold a certain level of animosity and rejection against humans and seldom would they get close to humans on their own initiative. Could it be that this little one is still a very young beast and has not yet learnt to be wary?”

Qing Yu wasn’t looking down on Lord Meh Meh at all but it was because most matured Spirit Beasts would be highly guarded and vigilant against humans and only young Spirit Beasts in their infancy would allow themselves to be taken away so unreservedly and not resist in the slightest at all.


[You are the immature beast! Lord Meh Meh is fully matured! You ignorant human!]

“Not sure.” Jun Wu Xie answered carelessly. Lord Meh Meh was her trump card and it would be only be as a very last resort, that she would allow anyone to come to know Lord Meh Meh’s true prowess.

Qing Yu had already spent quite a period of time with Jun Xie from the journey to the Thousand Beast City and he knew that Jun Xie’s personality was like this. Hence, he did not take offense against Jun Xie’s curt and cold reply.

The Thousand Beast City was a bustling place as well. Although unable to compare with the Fire Country’s Imperial Capital, it was nevertheless still a bubbling pot of people and noise.

But, over here, besides the street being filled with people, Spirit Beasts big and small could be seen everywhere as well. They were either being carried in people’s arms or walking among the people on a leash, the current scene also making Jun Wu Xie who was carrying Lord Meh Meh in her arms looks perfectly normal there.

Within the Thousand Beast City, what was most commonly seen were places selling tiny infant Spirit Beasts.

Matured Spirit Beasts were extremely difficult to tame and if people seeked to tame a Spirit Beast, they would specifically go out and choose these very young Spirit Beasts just born and still in their infancy. On both sides of the street, many baby Spirit Beasts were locked up in cages as they stared with naive and ignorant eyes, looking at the bustle of people passing to and fro. Before their awareness and consciousness could develop, they were already captured and put into these cages, being displayed just like goods, stacked up upon each other, waiting for themselves to be bought.

Jun Wu Xie stared at the tiny Spirit Beasts being locked up in those cages and her brows furrowed up tightly. In her past life, she had seen a scene similar to this. In order to conduct experiments on fusion beasts, that person had captured and brought back many varieties of wild beasts. Whenever night came and all fell silent, the wails and howls of wild beasts would always ring throughout the villa. During that period, the entire villa was always pervaded with a strong pungent stench of blood every moment throughout the day.

The only comforting thing to know here though, was that in the Thousand Beast City, cruelty to Spirit Beasts was strictly forbidden. And if found to be guilty, the culprit would be severely punished.

But even if that was the case, Jun Wu Xie’s brows still creased up together subconsciously.

Some of the people had brought their children out to choose from these Spirit Beasts. They were very rough with the young Spirit Beasts and those naive and ignorant babies were highly terrified and severely discomfited. Throughout the street, those soft and weak wails could be heard everywhere, their voices sounding all filled with fear and helplessness.

“All these young beasts, are mainly captured from the forests around the Thousand Beast City, and some are born from the Spirit Beasts the people in the city had tamed. The prices of the young beasts born within the city are always higher as when compared to those captured in the wild, as they are usually more gentle and easier to tame, and there is also only a small number of them.” Qing Yu noticed Jun Xie’s eyes fixed unwaveringly on the cages and he had thought that the youth was interested in them.



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