GDBBM – Chapter 964

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Chapter 964: “Spirit Beast Arena (2)”

“Young Master Jun likes Spirit Beasts as well?” Qing Yu asked.

Jun Wu Xie did not reply. She did not have much resistance against little furry living things herself but she hated to see them locked up in cages looking so terrified.

That was just not how these creatures were supposed to look.

Although Jun Wu Xie loved them, she had never tried to force the issue. From her perspective, regardless whether it was humans or animals, they were the same thing. All lives were equal and when humans used force to make those animals submit, it was something she highly detested.

No matter whether it was the little black cat or Lord Meh Meh, they stayed by Jun Wu Xie’s side of their own volition and Jun Wu Xie had never wanted to force them against their will.

If it went against the spirit’s will, no matter how well it was done or carried out, it was still a form of coercion!

“If Young Master Jun is interested, I do know of a place that would be highly suitable for me to bring you to see.” Qing Yu was completely oblivious to what Jun Wu Xie was thinking and he went on to say what he thought would please Jun Xie.

“In the Thousand Beast City, there is a Spirit Beast Arena. In there, battles between Spirit Beasts are conducted everyday and if you achieve a good result, you can even win a Spirit Tamer Bracelet that is available only in the Thousand Beast City.” Qing Yu said with a bright smile.

When Jun Wu Xie heard the Spirit Tamer Bracelet being mentioned, her eyes immediately lit up.

“Where is that?”

Seeing that Jun Wu Xie was showing interest, Qing Yu was finally relieved and he said: “Young Master Jun, please follow me.”

Along the way, Qing Yu chattered on, explaining to Jun Xie what went on within the Spirit Beast Arena.

The Thousand Beast City had a rather sizable population and almost every single one of them loved to tame Spirit Beasts. And here, the people’s ultimate aim was always to be able to tame a higher grade Spirit Beast. Although the Thousand Beast City had their Spirit Tamer Bracelets, something like that was however also very rare in their city, and the average person would not even be able to get their hands on one. Moreover, seeking to use the Spirit Tamer Bracelet alone to tame a Spirit Beast was still not possible as the Spirit Tamer Bracelet was afterall not the same as the Spirit Tamer Bone Flute, and it did not possess the same kind of power.

In order to successfully tame a Spirit Beast, besides the Spirit Tamer Bracelet, something else would be needed.

And that would be, the Beast Control Principle!

The Beast Control Principle was a prized treasure that the Thousand Beast City kept within themselves. Besides the members within the Grand Chieftain’s residence, only the four Clan Hall Chiefs knew of the Beast Control Principle. To learn the Beast Control Principle, one must first become a member of one of the clans, and swear their unwavering loyalty to them, before they could even possess the qualification to learn it.

With the Beast Control Principle as their foundation, and coupled with the power of the Spirit Tamer Bracelet, one would be able to tame a Spirit Beast within a short period of time. And it would also be according to the grade of the Spirit Tamer Bracelet, that would determine the level of Spirit Beasts that a person would be able to tame.

Just like Xiong Ba and Lin Que, who held very high positions as Clan Hall Chiefs, they would possess Spirit Tamer Bracelets that were able to tame high grade Spirit Beasts. Those kind of bracelets, would number up to ten within the entire Thousand Beast City. And besides the Clan Hall Chiefs, none of the other clan members would be qualified to hold one the same as them.

And within those Clan Halls, if any member made any exemplary contributions, they could be rewarded with a Spirit Tamer Bracelet, but those bracelets would usually only be able to tame low grade Spirit Beasts. Once one possessed a Spirit Tamer Bracelet and was equipped with the Beast Control Principle, they would be able to drastically shorten the time taken to tame a Spirit Beast. Hence, the Spirit Tamer Bracelet was an item that was a great enticement and commanded a strong draw to everyone within the Thousand Beast City,

Besides the different Clan Halls, the only other place that one would be able to get a Spirit Tamer Bracelet, would be the Spirit Beast Arena in the Thousand Beast City!

There, anyone would be allowed to enter their tamed Spirit Beast in battles. And as long as they won ten matches consecutively, they would then gain the qualification to challenge the top ten ranked within the Spirit Beast Arena.


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