GDBBM – Chapter 962

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Chapter 962: “Thousand Beast City (8)”

Qu Ling Yue fell silent, how could she possibly be unaware of the worries on Qu Wen Hao’s mind?

Xiong Ba stared at the sad expression on Qu Ling Yue’s face and his heart suddenly winced. He then said to Qu Wen Hao: “Chieftain, Young Master Jun has said this to us before. Before he has full and complete confidence of it succeeding, he would definitely not take any rash actions. Young Master Jun is a very careful and meticulous person and I would implore for our Grand Chieftain to believe in Young Master Jun just this once. If anything untoward were to happen, I am willing to shoulder the consequences personally. If that person asks about it, I will say that all of it was of my own doing and it has nothing to do with the Young Miss or the Thousand Beast City in the slightest.”

Qu Wen Hao looked at Xiong Ba in surprise. In Xiong Ba’s eyes, he could clearly see the steely determination he had never ever seen before.

Should they take the big gamble? Or to continue to live ignobly in suffering?

Qu Wen Hao was suddenly faced with a fierce struggle within himself.

“Alright. In this matter, you will all have to be extremely careful. If Young Master Jun needs any assistance, you can tell it to me, and I will try everything within my power to make it happen for him.” Qu Wen Hao finally decided to grasp at that opportunity. His own daughter and trusted subordinate had already shown such great determination, how could he persist to bring further disgrace to the Thousand Beast City’s name?

Having gained Qu Wen Hao’s approval, Qu Ling Yue’s and Xiong Ba’s faces immediately shone brightly with delight.


In the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, Qing Yu cleared up the tasks he had on his hands and he went to knock upon Jun Xie’s door after that.

Jun Wu Xie opened the door and when she saw Qing Yu standing outside, she looked at him inquiringly.

“Young Master Jun has just arrived here in the Thousand Beast City, I wonder if you would be interested in taking a tour around the Thousand Beast City?” Qing Yu asked smilingly of Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie nodded. Although she had already heard many things about the Thousand Beast City from Xiong Ba and Qu Ling Yue, but there were some things that one needed to see with their own eyes before they could be certain.

Jun Wu Xie went out of the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall with Qing Yu and came to walk upon a main street within the Thousand Beast City.

Qing Yu was feeling rather curious about the Spirit Beast who looked so much like a little sheep that Jun Xie had been carrying in his arms. From the moment they had set out till now, Jun Xie had almost never ever let the little thing leave her arms. And besides that little sheep, upon Jun Xie’s shoulder, also lay a tiny palm sized little black cat.

The people from the Thousand Beast City were very familiar with Spirit Beasts and they loved Spirit Beasts well. Even after observing for a long while, Qing Yu was still unable to ascertain what kind of Spirit Beast Lord Meh Meh was and all he knew was that it was highly obedient and it seemed to understand Jun Xie’s thoughts, looking very tame and docile at the same time.

“Young Master Jun has a very unique Spirit Beast there. I have never seen anything like it before.” Qing Yu said as he looked at the little Spirit Beast lying down within Jun Xie’s arms, looking so comfortable its eyes were narrowed to a slit. The Spirit Beast wasn’t large in size and it did not seem to be a high grade Spirit Beast, except that its eyes, seemed to be highly filled with intelligence and consciousness.

A Spirit Beast’s grade was intricately tied to its prowess and intelligence and the higher the Spirit Beast’s grade was, the higher its intelligence would be, where they would be able to better react to things and have a greater sense of consciousness and awareness. The people of the Thousand Beast City had formed a habit of taming Spirit Beasts from when they were of a very young age and they knew. For even low grade Spirit Beasts, without a Spirit Tamer Bracelet in their possession, one would still need a few years’ time to be able to tame it.

Besides within the Thousand Beast City, it had never been heard that anyone had been able to tame a Spirit Beast. Hence, Qing Yu was feeling mighty curious about this highly obedient Lord Meh Meh within Jun Xie’s arms.

Lord Meh Meh cast a lazy glance to look at Qing Yu, seemingly like it felt his words had been a kind of insult to it.

[It was the highly noble Lord Meh Meh!] [One of its kind throughout the lands! Such a foolish human, of course he wouldn’t have seen anything like it! Humph!]

Having been glared at with such scorn and contempt by a little sheep, Qing Yu was suddenly finding the feeling rather fascinating…..


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