GDBBM – Chapter 961

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Chapter 961: “Thousand Beast City (7)”

Qu Ling Yue and Xiong Ba exchanged a glance with each other. They could see that Qu Wen Hao held great admiration for Jun Xie and after thinking about it another moment, Qu Ling Yue suddenly leaned over to Qu Wen Hao’s ear and whispered into it.

The benign smile on Qu Wen Hao’s face froze instantly and as Qu Ling Yue’s explanation went on further, the shock within his eyes seemed to grow more and more intense.

“Ling Yue! This time, you have been too brazenly bold!” Qu Wen Hao could not believe what he had just heard with his own ears. Qu Li Yue had actually revealed everything that was happening in the Thousand Beast City to Jun Xie and had even invited her to come to the Thousand Beast City to help them!

Although Qu Wen Hao greatly admired Jun Wu Xie for her great intellect and resourcefulness, but from all that he had heard, Jun Xie was just a young little youth. The crisis that had struck the Thousand Beast City had accumulated over a few years and they had even secretly thought up and attempted many ways to resolve it themselves but it had all been to no avail. And Qu Ling Yue was now actually placing all her hope onto a youth who was of such a young age, which in Qu Wen Hao’s eyes, was entirely too big a risk for them to take.

Qu Ling Yue bit on her lower lip and said: “Father, if there is any other way for us, your daughter wouldn’t have chosen to take such a big risk as well, but…..”

“Preposterous! If this is found out by your Great Grandaunt, do you know how big an incident this would turn out to be? About that map, only the four Clan Hall Chiefs and I are supposed to know anything about it. She doesn’t know that you are aware of its existence. If she finds out that you have leaked information about this outside, she will surely not let you off easily.” Qu Wen Hao was getting a headache the more he thought about it. His daughter had always been sensible and obedient from young and the fact that she had decided on such a highly risky course of action had greatly shocked him.

“If I dare to do this, then I am not afraid of her finding out. Father! Do you really want us to continue on like this? Where we have to watch mother and all the others suffer? We have not even seen mother for quite a long while….. I really miss her a lot.” Qu Ling Yue lowered her head, her voice suddenly choking.

Although that person would release a group of people to come back here every month, but she had seldom let Qu Ling Yue’s mother return. In the past five years, they had not even seen Qu Ling Yue’s mother once. That person seemed to be doing it on purpose, only allowing those people who came back to relay news of the Grand Chieftain’s wife to still be safe, but never letting her come back to her husband’s and daughter’s side even a single day.

In Qu Ling Yue’s mind, it was still imprinted with memories of her mother from when she was much younger, and although they have not seen each other for a long time, blood was afterall still thicker than water, so how could she not miss her mother?

Qu Ling Yue’s words caused Qu Wen Hao’s heart to wrench up painfully. All that he had loved in this life the most, had only been his wife and daughter. But his wife was now being held hostage, and he did not even dare hope for a reunion now. Just to have them see each other for a moment, had become an extravagant wish.

This separation between husband and wife, was a needle lodged tightly in Qu Wen Hao’s heart!

“Have you ever considered, that if this was made known to your Great Grandaunt, how terrifying the consequences would be? She would not only not spare you and Jun Xie, she wouldn’t let all those people she has imprisoned off easy as well! If she were to in a moment rage, harm those people, how am I going to answer to all our brothers in this city?” Qu Wen Hao said in a pained voice, his eyes tightly shut. It was not that he hadn’t once considered staking everything they had in retaliation, but he had to consider the fact that the people captured was not only his own wife alone.

Once, the people in the Thousand Beast City had thought of fighting back and they had really done it that one time. But the next day, those people who resisted found their wives and children’s bodies strewn before the main gates of the Thousand Beast City. That bloody and gory scene that day, stayed fresh in the minds of the people till today.

In order to ensure the safety of their family members, they had no choice but to submit themselves to that person’s orders. The people were neither weak nor timid, but they had to capitulate in exchange for the safety of their family.


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  1. Guudek says:

    It displeases me greatly when people use the quote “blood is thicker than water.” The original quote being “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” The difference is as day is to night and it saddens me to see it happen so often… Thanks for the chapters.

  2. allenK says:

    It depends on where you’re getting your reference from. The furthest back I could confirm was the 1700’s. Despite the fact some sources reference the 12th century, I haven’t yet become sufficiently interested to pursue it any further.

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