GDBBM – Chapter 941

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Chapter 941: “Tenth Slap (5)”

The Emperor’s eyes flared wide open.

“What….. What are you doing! ?” The Emperor shouted in a panicked fluster.

Jun Wu Xie lifted an eyebrow and asked: “What? Your Majesty doesn’t recognize this ring?”

“What ring! I do not know anything about it!” The Emperor’s heart was filled with terror, as he told himself again and again to remain calm in his heart.

[There was no way Jun Xie would know the secret behind the Ring of Imperial Fire!] [Absolutely impossible!]

“The First Emperor of your line laid down a Decree, that whenever the possessor of the Ring of Imperial Fire shows up in the Fire Country, regardless of which generation of his descendants ruling at that time, must immediately abdicate the throne, and hand it to the possessor of the Ring of Imperial Fire. Doesn’t Your Majesty remember this?” Jun Wu Xie’s words, had crushed any last sliver of hope the Emperor still held in his heart.

He fell back defeatedly, slumped into the throne, all colour quickly draining out from his face.

“How did you know….. The Grand Adviser? It’s the Grand Adviser who told you!” The Emperor’s eyes turned red and bloodshot as he stared at Jun Xie.

But right at that moment, Lei Chen suddenly spoke up: “It was me.”

The Emperor turned to stare at Lei Chen, as his face twisted up in disbelief.

“It was actually you…..”

Lei Chen fearlessly looked directly into the gaze of the Emperor who was staring at him like he wanted to eat Lei Chen up.

The Emperor then screamed: “Few people under the Heavens are even able to recognize the Ring of Imperial Fire! Jun Xie! Don’t think you can come snatch my entire empire with just one measly ring! The Fire Country is mine! The Emperor’s! I am the Emperor of the Fire Country! So what if you hold the Ring of Imperial Fire! ? If you kill me, the entire Fire Country will do all it can to annihilate you! No one will know about the Ring of Imperial Fire! You will never be able to ascend to the Fire Country’s throne! Impossible! You will never be able to!”

Jun Wu Xie snorted derisively and said: “You think I care for it?”

The Emperor was too astounded for words.

“If not for the fact you seeked your own death persecuting me, this crummy seat of yours, I would not care for it in the least. But as you made moves to go against me, in reciprocation of the gift you gave me, I would naturally want to help you realize the crime you have pinned onto me.” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes suddenly flashed an icy chill.

[So what if this is the Emperor’s throne of the Fire Country ? In her eyes, it was not even comparable to a blade of grass back in the Lin Palace.] [But when the Emperor was trying to kill her, how could she allow him to do as he wished?]

“It’s not possible….. You will not become the Fire Country’s Emperor….. Impossible….. Impossible…..” The Emperor was overwhelmed by the terror that washed over him, and he could only repeat those few words to himself over and over again.

The Imperial Guards were outside the main hall, blocked by Lord Meh Meh and would not be able to save him. The only son of his inside the main hall was unwilling to help him because of the long years of neglect and indifference he had shown his son.

The ruler of the mightiest country under the Heavens was at the moment feeling unprecedented helplessness and terror!

“Do not forget, that Imperial Decree, is currently still in the hands of the Empress Dowager.” Jun Wu Xie reminded the Emperor helpfully.

The Empress Dowager had always followed the will of the First Emperor of their line and even if the Emperor was her own descendant, she would not change her mind about it.

“Rest assured though. I will not become the Emperor of the Fire Country.” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

The Emperor’s eyes immediately flashed with a glimmer of hope!

But Jun Wu Xie’s eyes was still filled with that same glint of icy chill.

“After you abdicate, and the throne is handed over to me, I will immediately make a decree, to have Lei Chen become the next Fire Country’s Emperor!”

The Emperor’s eyes flared wide open once again, as his gaze suddenly turned to see Lei Chen’s eyes showing the exact same expression.

Jun Wu Xie truly cared nothing for the throne, and was even handing it over to one of such lowly birth, a bastard child where the blood of a palace maid and lowly guard flowed in his body! The Emperor suddenly felt that his mind had been caught up in an incessant whirl!


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