GDBBM – Chapter 940

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Chapter 940: “Tenth Slap (4)”


Jun Wu Xie then completely ignored the Empress and the others, turning her head to look at the pale faced Emperor.

The Emperor was suddenly shocked into a harried fluster when those eyes turned to him, almost falling off the throne. He fought to keep himself upright where he barely managed to compose himself as he scanned his eyes across the scene in the entire main hall before his gaze suddenly fell onto the figure of Lei Xi, and his eyes lit up with a glimmer of hope!

“Little Xi! My good son! Jun Xie is plotting to kill your father! Save me! You must save your father from him!” The Emperor suddenly pleaded loudly when he saw the stunned Lei Xi standing motionless on one side.

Lei Xi had been petrified by all that had happened in the main hall and he turned his head to look at the wide doors of the main hall, where he saw the gigantic Spirit Beast had blocked up the exit. Next, his eyes turned to look at the Emperor who had lost all his royal decorum from fright and his heart twisted up in fear, as he subconsciously shifted his feet, his mind blank as he turned to walk in a direction towards the Emperor.

But he had just lifted his foot in the air to take the first step when Lei Chen’s hand suddenly held his shoulder.
“Big Brother?” Lei Xi asked as he looked at Lei Chen, his eyes filled with struggle within.

He had been able to exact blood vengeance against the perpetrators today all because of Lei Chen. And from what Jun Xie had said earlier, he had understood that the real mastermind who designed the entire scheme from behind, completely dragging the Empress off her high horse, was in actuality Jun Xie!

From his perspective where he had been able to avenge his mother‘s death, Lei Xi did not feel the slightest hatred for Jun Xie, but was filled with gratitude towards the youth instead.

“After having to act dumb for so many years, have you really turned into an idiot?” Lei Chen’s gaze was firm and unwavering as he looked at Lei Xi.

Lei Xi was greatly startled.

“At the time when your mother died under such strange circumstances, did the Emperor even order anyone to investigate into the truth? After your mother was killed and you were bullied and ill treated so many times, did he ever think you were his son then? Did he ever shield you in the slightest? When you moved out of the Imperial Palace, did he show you the slightest concern?” Every single word that came out of Lei Chen’s mouth struck deep in Lei Xi’s heart.

Every single word struck Lei Xi like a bolt of thunder!

When his mother died then, the Emperor had still been grieving for his beloved Lady Cheng who had passed away from a difficult childbirth, and had not concerned himself with anyone else. Towards the death of a mere concubine, even the funeral rites were carelessly handled and done in a rush, needless to mention that he would bother to order an investigation to look into the truth.

After that, the Emperor had seemed to forget that Lei Xi even existed, never having once summoned him to see him alone. If not for his surname as Lei, Lei Xi had at many a time doubted that he even belonged within the Imperial Palace.

Lei Chen’s words had awoken Lei Xi to these undeniable facts. He then retracted his foot and retreated further behind.

It had been entirely due to the Emperor’s inaction and his full attention having been given to the Empress and Lei Fan, which caused him to hide and cower in fear for so many years, to await the day he would finally be able to avenge his mother’s death.

If only the Emperor had just spared a tiny bit of concern at that time, the murder committed in cold blood would have already been uncovered.

The ray of hope that had just risen in the Emperor’s heart was extinguished by Lei Chen immediately, as he saw Lei Xi retreating further back stand behind Lei Chen, his head lowered, unwilling to even look at him.

All of a sudden, the Emperor roared: “You bunch of venomous and vicious people! You dare to treat the Emperor in this manner! I am the Emperor of the Fire Country! If you dare kill the Emperor, none of you can dream of leaving the Imperial Palace alive!”

The Emperor was in fear. Under the extreme terror, he had no choice but to shout out with all his might the empty threat, to try to bolster his courage.

But Jun Wu Xie shook her head lightly as she stared at the panicking and flustered Emperor.

“Your Majesty seems to have forgotten the reason why you want to have me killed.”

The Emperor fell into another state of shock, suddenly seeing Jun Xie slowly raising up her hand, fully displaying the Ring of Imperial Fire within his line of sight, that was worn around a finger on his hand!

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