GDBBM – Chapter 935

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Chapter 935: “Slap with Borrowed Hand – Second Form (5)”

“I will not let a bastard child like you to continue to bring harm to the Imperial Palace!” Lei Xi said, staring viciously at Lei Fan.

In the instant the cool fluid splashed onto Lei Fan’s face, the bone structure and flesh on Lei Fan’s face began to shift severely!

In shock, the Emperor suddenly stood up from his throne as he stared in surprise at Lei Fan who was writhing and howling on the floor, his gaze staring unwaveringly in disbelief, locked on Lei Fan’s face!

He saw the handsome features on Lei Fan’s face, twisting up and changing at an incredible pace!

The countenance was silently changing, gradually changing into a face that the Emperor found both foreign and highly familiar at the same time!

That face, was very much alike to the Empress currently within the main hall, and in the region in between the eyes, traces of the Prime Minister’s features could be seen.

Completely stunned, the Emperor fell back onto his throne greatly flustered. He looked in utter disbelief at Lei Fan whose face had completely changed, his mind whirling in chaos.

The face from his face caused Lei Fan to continue to writhe on the ground howling incessantly, while Lei Xi stood smiling indifferently beside him, admiring the scene at his feet that brought him great joy!

“Father! This spawn of evil used extraordinary methods to change his looks and once this medicinal fluid is splashed on his face, it will neutralise it! Your son, I had been disrespectful before Father today, I plead for Father to punish me to redeem myself! I beg that Father look carefully at that face! He could not possibly by my Fourth Brother, and even less likely that he is your child! It is obvious he is a bastard child born from the Empress’ and Prime Minister’s insidious illicit scandal!” Lei Xi suddenly knelt down onto the ground, pleading with the Emperor in a loud voice.

The Emperor began to tremble with rage, as the last glimmer of hope in his heart was completely extinguished.

Lei Fan’s face on its own, had become the most irrefutable proof, and no further explanations or evidence was required to ascertain without any doubt, his real identity!

“Bravo….. Bravo….. Ah, Empress. My Empress. I have not treated you badly! And even at such a juncture, you persist in lying to me! You really think I am that gullible?” However strongly hopeful the Emperor had felt towards Lei Fan before, the hatred spilling out from his heart now was at least tenfold!

The son he had favoured upon the most, was not his child, and definitely not from his once most beloved woman!

He had spoilt him for so many years, doted on him for so many years, even devising up all ways and means to push Lei Fan up to assume the position of Crown Prince, to inherit everything the Fire Country held.

But in the end, what had he really done?

He had nearly gifted the entire country and his fortune to a bastard child!

“Guards! Arrest this venomous woman, the bastard child, and the guilty official and throw them into the dungeons! I do not want them to die so easily! I want them to die under a thousand cuts!” The Emperor’s jaws were tightly clenched up, his face had turned a little pale. It could be seen from here just how intense the hatred and rage he was feeling at the moment.

Due to the agonising pain, Lei Fan was curled up in a ball as his body twitched in spasms. He wanted to plead with the Emperor to spare his life at least, but he could not even summon up the strength to speak.

Yuan Biao immediately summoned several Imperial Guards, ready to drag the Empress and the others and thrown them into the dungeons.

But the Empress had at that moment, suddenly seemed like she had lost her mind as she broke free of Yuan Biao’s grasp. She tore the handkerchief out from her mouth, suddenly breaking out into an almost maniacal bout of laughter as she said: “Hahaha! Hahaha! Your Majesty, Your Majesty. You say I am venomous? Your Lady’s venomous ways were caused by your own hand! Your Lady was the revered Empress, but when have you given this Empress the dignity an Empress deserved? You favoured Lady Cheng, cherishing her so preciously in the palm of your hand. When a conflict arose between Lady Cheng and me, your Empress, you did not bother to find out the truth and indiscriminately berated me before everyone in the Imperial Palace over her!”


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