GDBBM – Chapter 936

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Chapter 936: “Slap with Borrowed Hand – Second Form (6)”

“You have single mindedly shielded that hussy! How can I let that hussy have her way! ? Your Majesty! Lady Cheng’s death! The Fourth Prince’s death, were all caused by your own hand! If you had not specifically only just favoured Lady Cheng alone, had not thrashed the dignity of an Empress under your foot, would I have turned into such a state?”

“Shameless slut! You still dare to spout such nonsense!” The Emperor was so furious he stood there pointing his trembling finger at the Empress, shouting at the top of his voice.

The Empress instead seemed to have lost her mind and she suddenly laughed out hysterically!

“Spouting nonsense? Your Majesty! Since things have come to this juncture, your lady does not need to hide it from you anymore! Do you know why none of the concubines in the Imperial Harem had not been able to conceive in the past ten years? Why the Second Prince although married for so many years, had not been able to share any news of bliss? Let your Lady tell you now! Not only you, but all your sons! Have already lost the ability to reproduce! Your Lady was the one who poisoned you all! Besides my own son, no one would be able to inherit the Fire Country’s throne!” The Empress laughed maniacally, spilling out all the venom she had kept hidden within her heart all this time.

The Emperor stared wide eyed, in utter disbelief at the Empress.

“You! You wicked woman! Till this moment, you are still thinking of protecting your own son! But, even if Lei Chen is born from you, so what does it matter! In his body, my blood still flows within! I believe, Lei Chen having clearly witnessed your vicious and venomous nature today, would be deeply ashamed to have a mother like you!” The Emperor had in his frantic fluster, turned to look at Lei Chen. The Empress’ words had greatly terrified him. Judging from the Empress’ venomous and insidious mind, it was highly possible that she had really done all that she claimed, or why had all the concubines in the Imperial Harem, not a single one of them had been able conceive and give birth to a single prince or princess?

And if the Empress had truly committed that deed, the only one she would have spared would only be her own son, Lei Chen.

Lei Chen lowered his head, and did not say a single word.

But the Empress was still laughing hysterically. “Lei Chen? Hahaha! Your Majesty! Your Lady firstborn had passed away long ago! Lei Chen is merely an illegitimate bastard, born from the illicit affair between one of my palace maids and a guard! Hahaha! Your Majesty, Your Majesty! You and all your sons will be childless and your bloodline dies in this generation!”

The Emperor sucked in a cold gasp, his eyes slowly shifting from Lei Chen to the Empress.

“You are lying! You must be lying!”

The Empress replied: “At this point, does your Lady still need to lie? If Lei Chen is truly your Lady’s son, would I have stood by and done nothing while Your Majesty slowly pushed him nearer into the abyss, trying to force him to give up his position as the Crown Prince?”

The Emperor’s shoulders suddenly slumped, everything before his eyes now was just one great calamity. The country’s current Crown Prince, and the Crown Prince he had wanted to install, were actually both not his biological offsprings!

And the only two sons he had, had been poisoned by the Empress and no longer able to produce offsprings, and throughout their entire lives, they would not be able to produce an heir!

“Your venomous slut! I am going to kill you! I must surely kill you!” The Emperor roared as he stood up, almost wanting to swallow the Empress alive.

The Empress was still laughing, her laughter sounding mournful.

“Throw all of them down there! Imprison the two bastard children as well! I want to tear them apart!” The Emperor’s chest was heaving heavily. The successive blows suffered was making the Emperor gasp for air.

Lei Xi had avenged his mother, but he had not expected things to take such a drastic turn. All the actions he had taken, had been arranged by Lei Chen. He had thought that Lei Chen wanted to uphold justice over family ties, but he had not thought that Lei Chen himself would be dragged right into the turmoil as well.

In fact, if Lei Fan’s identity had not been revealed, the Empress would not have fought and struggled to drag everyone down with her. To protect Lei Fan, she would not have revealed a word about the secret behind Lei Fan’s birth.



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