GDBBM – Chapter 934

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Chapter 934: “Slap with Borrowed Hand – Second Form (4)”

Lei Xi had at that time been very young, and hidden behind the rocks that were alike to miniature mountains in the garden, had suddenly witnessed his own mother tied up and held down by several eunuchs in the backyard, with the Empress and her lady in waiting following behind.

Within the lady in waiting’s arms, was a blood covered little infant.

That infant was the Fourth Prince who had just been brought into the Empress Palace, Lei Fan. Lei Xi had been overcome with terror then, seeing his mother being bound up, he had wanted to rush out. But he realized then that as a tiny little prince like himself, even if he had run out to confront them, he would not have been able to achieve anything and so he had endured the consuming fear eating at him as he stayed hidden.

And right before his eyes, his mother had then been strangled to death by a eunuch with a rope put around her neck. Finally, his mother’s lifeless body had been tied to rocks together with the Fourth Prince and thrown over into the lily pond in the backyard.

“Your son, I have known that I do not possess the ability to avenge my mother, but I have been not been willing to continue to keep this secret forever buried, and just waited patiently! I waited for the day that the Heavens opens His eyes, to allow him to avenge his mother and his Fourth Brother! This is the day! Your son, I, have finally waited till this day!” Lei Xi’s face was filled with the outpouring of grief that he had held in for such a long time. He has always been more intelligent than many, but he had had no choice but to turn himself into a timid and cowardly prince, all of it to avoid raising any suspicions onto himself from the Empress.

From the most intelligent of the princes to become the most useless prince, Lei Xi had endured the fear and torment without a saying a word of it to anyone, but merely to wait, and he had finally waited till this day came!

“Ungh! !” The Empress’ eyes were wide as she struggled, wanting to stand. But Yuan Biao stood over her holding her down in a tight grip.

Lei Fan stared in disbelief at his Third Brother that he had despised the most all this time, unable to believe what he was hearing from Lei Xi’s mouth.

“Lies! You’re lying!” Lei Fa was in a panic. He immediately knelt before the Emperor, sobbing tearfully as he said: “Father! Father! Third Brother is just purely slandering me! If what he says is true, how did your son, I live till today? Third Brother must be jumping at the opportunity when he saw Mother fallen from grace and wants to use this chance to slander me!”

The Emperor’s brows knitted up deeply. Lei Xi’s words had indeed astounded him greatly.

The year when Lei Xi’s mother had died, her body had been discovered in the Imperial Garden’s shallow fish pond. But as they had discovered it rather late, Lei Xi’s mother’s body had been soaked in the water for a long time and had completely deformed, making it impossible for them to identify the body at all. They had just based it on the clothes and things the body was wearing then.

Lei Xi cast a cold stare at the sobbing Lei Fan.

“Bastard child! You still persist in fooling Father with your trickery?”

Lei Fan immediately said: “That is just pure venomous slander!”

Lei Xi suddenly stood up and looked directly at the Emperor to say: “Father! Your son, I know what is holding Father back. But I know of a way that can prove what I am saying here is the absolute truth!” Upon saying that, Lei Xi secretly gripped the porcelain bottle hidden within his sleeve, his gaze discreetly swinging over Lei Chen.

The bottle had been given to him by Lei Chen. He did not know what it was, but Lei Chen had told him, with this bottle, they would be able to ensure that Lei Fan would be irrecoverably doomed!

Having witnessed his own mother brutally murdered, Lei Xi had kept that secret to himself in torment for many years, how could he give up on this one and only opportunity for revenge presented right before him?

Even if he did not know what the bottle contained, he was willing to gamble it all on this one chance!

Lei Xi suddenly charged at Lei Fan kneeling upon the ground. Lei Fan screamed out in terror and stretched out his hand to push Lei Xi away from him. But Lei Xi completely ignored the wildly waving arms and just opened the stopper on the porcelain bottle and ferociously leapt onto Lei Fan, pouring the liquid within the bottle entirely onto Lei Fan’s face!


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