GDBBM – Chapter 933

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Chapter 933: “Slap with Borrowed Hand – Second Form (3)”

“Reporting to Your Majesty! The Third Prince seek for an audience in the main hall! Saying there is an important matter to report to Your Majesty!”

The Emperor’s face frowned up as he said: “At a time like this, why is he here? Allow him to come in.”

Soon, a rather harried looking Third Prince, Lei Xi walked into the main hall. Lei Xi’s age was seven years older than Lei Fan, but due to him always being holed up and never taking a step out from his residence, he was not much taller than Lei Fan. His skin was fairer than most people and looked very pale.

Lei Xi’s looks was not too bad but compared to Lei Chen and Lei Fan, he looked less outstanding. Added to that, his timid nature made him the one prince most easily overlooked among the four princes of the Fire Country.

Even the Emperor himself did not feel like he know this son of his well at all.

But Lei Xi on this day, was different from the past. There was an absence of his usual timid cowardice in his eyes and they were filled with sharp determination instead.

When he walked into the main hall, he immediately knelt down before the Emperor.

“Your son greets my Father! Long live my Father, a hundred million years!”

“Stand up. For what reason have you come here today?” The Emperor asked, rubbing at his temples.

Lei Xi stood up, and turned his head to look over to the Empress kneeling on the floor, and his eyes flashed with intense hatred.

“Reporting to Father! Your son has come here today, to seek redress for injustice!”

“Seek redress? For whom?” The Emperor asked.

“For my mother, your Lady! For my youngest brother, who had been heartlessly murdered immediately upon birth!” Lei Xi exclaimed, his head raised and his chest puffed up.

“What?” The Emperor was surprised.

Lei Xi immediately went on to say: “That year, Lady Concubine Cheng had just given birth to the Fourth Prince Lei Fan, but she had passed on due to a difficult birth. Few days after, the Empress had then taken in my Fourth Brother to raise him. At that time, my mother’s chambers was nearest to the Empress’ and hence, she would often go over to the Empress’ chambers to receive the Empress’ instruction.”

“Shut up! Lei Xi! What kind of intentions are you harbouring! ? What are you trying to say here! ? Your Majesty! Your Majesty! You must not listen to the lies Lei Xi is spouting! Everything that happened today must have been orchestrated by Lei Xi! He was the one who abducted all the servants in your Lady’s palace! He obviously holds treacherous intents!” The Empress had immediately upon hearing Lei Xi’s words, suddenly felt an ominous sense of impending doom over her head. She had a very strong feeling that she must stop Lei Xi from continuing on, or she would be in bigger trouble!

The Emperor completely ignored the Empress’ cries and just turned to Yuan Biao and said: “Stuff up that howling slut’s mouth! I do not wish to hear the slut’s voice again!”

Yuan Biao immediately stepped up and used a handkerchief to fully stuff up the Empress’ mouth!

The Empress could only make muffled grunts as her eyes glared fixedly at Lei Xi, looking like she wished for nothing more than to shred him into a thousand pieces!

Lei Xi laughed out coldly and said: “The Empress had really overestimated my abilities. If I had been capable of such to drag you down your high horse, I wouldn’t have waited till this day to tell Father everything.”

“Lei Xi! Tell me more!” The Emperor had a feeling that what Lei Xi was about to say next was going to be highly important.

Lei Xi continued: “That day, my mother heard that the Fourth Prince would be brought into the Empress’ Palace and she dragged me along to go see my youngest brother. But I was mischievous and wilful then and I ran off once we came to the Empress’ Palace, never for a moment thinking that that’s day’s parting, would turned out to be an eternal one!”

“Your son I, was very young then, and I was hiding in the Empress’ Palace’s backyard in play when I saw a scene which I would never ever be able to forget my entire life!” Lei Xi suddenly turned to stare in rage at the Empress when he got to this point in his narration of events, looking like he wanted to tear the Empress apart.


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