GDBBM – Chapter 928

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Chapter 928: “Slap with Borrowed Hand – First Form (4)”

“The reason Little Fan could be saved today was all because you made it here in time! If not, I would have really have been at a loss, not having the slightest idea what to do!”

When the Emperor heard the Empress’ voice, a smile came upon his face. No wonder the Empress had said she knew of an alternative cure. The person within her chambers must be a Divine Doctor she had brought in!

Just as the Emperor was going to push the door to enter once more, another voice floated out that froze the smile on his face.

“Your Ladyship sent the news over with such high urgency, how would I dare to tarry in the slightest?”

That voice, was clearly the voice of the man who had assisted the Emperor for more than a decade, the current Prime Minister of the Imperial Court!

Why would the Prime Minister appear here in the Empress’ Chambers?

The Emperor’s brows knitted together, but he was thinking that he could possibly have misunderstood something here.

“Is it really because this Empress here harried you endlessly? Or was it because the father was in a hurry to come see his son?” The Empress’ voice reached them, a teasing tone in her voice.

“Little Hui’s words are really killing your lowly servant. Little Fan is my son, but didn’t you give birth to him with me? My heart pains to see what happened to my son, but aren’t you feeling just as pained?”

The Emperor’s face grew absolutely livid in that instant!

Little Hui was the Empress’ maiden name before she was admitted into the Palace!

“What a curse! Your Ladyship had really been almost frightened out of my wits today, I really cannot fathom what the assassin is after. He really thought he could make use of Little Fan to harm the Emperor’s body. But if not for the fact that Little Fan is not the Emperor’s biological son and his blood wouldn’t been able to save Little Fan, why would your Ladyship try all ways and means to hinder and dissuade him so much?”

“My Little Hui has been truly intelligent and quick witted which had prevented our son’s real identity from being exposed. I pity the Emperor for his blind foolishness where he had even mistaken our son for the child that he had with that wrench and showed showered him with such tender and loving care. If he were to know that Little Fan is the flesh and blood between you and me, I wonder how he would feel.”

“Such a twisted mind. If he got to know about it, would the three of us still have a chance to live? Your Empress had been left with no other choice that I summoned you here today and now that Little Fan’s poison has been neutralized, you should leave quickly before that damned fool finds out that you came into the Palace and stir up unnecessary trouble.”

“Little Hui can ready bear for me to leave just like this? I had not had the chance to get intimate with you for the longest time already. That old Emperor has got so many beauties just added into his harem I would think that Little Hui must be feeling mighty lonely spending days and nights alone in your chambers all this time.”

“You tease!”

From within the chambers, sounds of heavy breathing was soon heard, and the decadent moans and groans made the people who heard them from outside flush red to the tips of their ears.

Lei Chen listened quietly to all of that, as a chilling smile widened up on his face, his eyes slowly turning to look at the face of the Emperor who heard everything just as clearly as he did.

The Emperor’s face went from green to purple, the clenched up fist showing green veins almost about to burst, sure signs of the raging fury that surged within his person at that moment!

To think that the chosen sitting Empress of the Imperial Palace whom he had treated with respect for many years, would actually commit adultery with the most senior of his court officials, and they had even produced a bastard offspring!

And he had even taken that bastard child to be own, doting and loving him for so many years!

Lei Chen suppressed the urge to laugh that was threatening to spill out through his mouth from his heart.

Father, are you in good spirits today? Are you still joyous about Fourth Brother’s recovery?

In an explosive rage, the Emperor suddenly kicked the doors open with a loud crash!

The tightly shut doors were blasted wide open!

Within the hall of the chambers, caught up in a tight embrace, their clothes in a state of undress, the two people were suddenly fully exposed with the sun’s rays shining upon them!

With the chamber doors opened, the Empress let out a shrill scream in shock and panic. By the time she snapped back to her senses, and saw clearly who the intruder was, she turned immediately to stone, feeling like all the blood in her body had suddenly been frozen!

“Slut! You shameless slut!” The Emperor was trembling visibly with rage, his finger pointed at the Empress and Prime Minister entwined up together.


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