GDBBM – Chapter 925

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Chapter 925: “Slap with Borrowed Hand – First Form (1)”

Meanwhile, Jun Wu Xie on the other hand, had taken a seat at the side, her lowered eyes glinting with an icy chill.

The curtains to the show were just coming up.

In the Empress’ Palace, the Emperor had just left not long ago when the expression of frantic panic faded from the Empress’ face and she discreetly wiped the traces of the drying tear marks from her face, her face suddenly turned into a deep frown as she stared at the Imperial Physicians providing treatment for Lei Fan.

“Your services are not required here any longer, a whole bunch of charlatans, you can’t even neutralize Blood of Kin! ? Your Ladyship here has her own ways, all of you get out of here this instant!”

Having been so harshly berated by the Empress, the Imperial Physicians immediately scrambled to leave the palace.

Once the palace doors were shut tight, the forced front of composure put up by the Empress then began to crack.

“Mother! Mother, save me! I don’t want to die! I really don’t want to die!” Sitting upon the bed, Lei Fan wailed pitifully. Others were not aware of the truth behind his birth, but he knew it clearly himself. He had said those things to the Emperor earlier because he had been afraid that truth would be exposed and now that there were no more outsiders around, he could only pin all his hopes onto the Empress.

The Empress sat forlorn by the bed and held Lei Fan by the shoulders. When she felt her son trembling with fear, her heart winced up with pain.

She had given birth to another son before but he had passed away in an accident. And because of her eldest son’s passing, it had caused the Empress to love Lei Chen even deeper right into her bones. If not for the fact that the Emperor was not able to save Lei Fan at all, she wouldn’t have pushed him away like that.

“Little Fan, do not be afraid. Mother is here for you. We just need your father’s blood right? The Emperor cannot save you, but do not forget, your father can.” The Empress told Lei Fan.

Lei Fan was stunned for a while.

His father, his biological father, is the current Prime Minister isn’t it?

“But….. But how is father going to come here into the palace?” Lei Fan then asked.

The Empress gave a cold laugh and said: “As the Empress, I have my ways. Little Fan, you do not have to worry about it. The Imperial Physicians at Mother’s side are knowledgeable in the neutralization of poisons as well and since he knows about your circumstances, having him treat your condition will also be the safest avenue. As for your father, I have already secretly sent men to summon him in here and I believe it will not be long before he will have heard the news about it. So, Little Fan, you really do not have to worry, Mother will not allow anything untoward to happen to you.”

As the Empress spoke, she patted Lei Fan reassuringly on the shoulder, trying to calm him down as much as possible.

After hearing what the Empress said, Lei Fan finally heaved a sigh of relief. But when he suddenly recalled the black robed man’s words just before he disappeared, his heart cringed up with unease all over again.

“Mother! The person who injured me had told me just before he disappeared that only my biological father would be able to save me. Don’t tell me….. the secret behind my birth has been discovered by a third party?”

The Empress was shocked by those words. The matter between her and the Prime Minister had been a very tightly well kept secret and besides her closest aides, no one else knew anything about it. Moreover, the two of them had not met many times, especially after Lei Fan was born, the Prime Minister had almost never come to the Empress’ Palace to see her. All these years, she had been highest cautious as she had been deeply afraid that the Emperor will find out and having been so careful, nobody should have discovered anything amiss at all.

“Don’t think too much on it, if that person had known about the truth about your birth, he would only need to tell it to the Emperor to damn you into a state of hopeless reprieve, but he had instead taken so much trouble to infiltrate into the palace to come hurt you like this, so his real aim might be to inflict harm onto the Emperor’s body of the dragon, and not on you.” The Empress said after reassessing the relationship she had with the Prime Minister and was certain that the matter couldn’t possibly have been discovered.

With the Empress’ confident assurance, Lei Fan was finally able to relax and release the burden in his heart, finally being able to focus his attention fully on the poison in his body.


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