GDBBM – Chapter 924

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Chapter 924: “Curtains Up (7)”

“Forget it, since both you and your mother are so insistent, I will not force the issue. But, I will only allow you half a day’s time. If within another half day’s time, the Imperial Physicians are still unable to find an alternative cure, I will have to follow what the Imperial Physician has said.”The Emperor said imperiously, but his eyes were still filled with deep care and concern for Lei Fan.

Lei Fan at that moment could not really afford to concern himself whether the Emperor’s love for him has grown as his back was already drenched in cold sweat.

“Yes.” The Empress said quickly, deeply fearful that the Emperor would renege on his word immediately.

The Emperor had after seeing Lei Fan regain consciousness, shown an improvement in his dark countenance. And to allow Lei Fan to rest a little more and for the Imperial Physicians to carry out their treatments, the Emperor left the Empress’ Palace with Xiong Ba and the others.

After they came out, the Emperor said: “Before the assassin is captured, the Imperial Palace has been completely sealed. I will implore our esteemed guests to temporarily put up in the Imperial Palace for a while and only leave after the culprit has been arrested.”

Xiong Ba nodded his head but did not say anything more. The Emperor wasn’t really in the mood to say much to Xiong Ba and his group either and he ordered the eunuchs to make arrangements for them to have a place to rest.

Along the entire way, the little eunuch had been with them and although Xiong Ba had many burning questions in his heart to ask, he did not say speak his heart, but his eyes were fixed unwaveringly on Jun Xie. Until they were led to come into a mansion within the Imperial Palace and the little eunuch had retreated, Xiong Be finally could not hold the deep suspicions and anxiety in his heart back any longer and he ran to come right before Jun Xie.

“Young Master Jun! Although I promised the Young Miss to bring you into the Imperial Palace, but I did not agree to help you harm the prince. With you moving unilaterally on your own like this, if the Emperor finds out about this, it will drag the Thousand Beast City into it! Do you realise what you have done?”

Jun Wu Xie looked at Xiong Ba expressionlessly. Xiong Ba’s outrage had been within her expectations. “Hall Chief Xiong thinks I am responsible for Lei Fan’s current condition?”

Xiong Ba said: “Who else could it be besides you?”

Jun Xie had barely just stepped out together with Lei Fan and Lei Fan had suddenly been hurt. That had been too much of a coincidence in Xiong Ba’s eyes.

Jun Wu Xie replied: “Does Hall Chief Xiong think that if I have the capabilities to bring someone into the Imperial Palace, and harm the Fourth Prince right in front of so many guards and was still able to fed him an elixir, I would need to trouble you to bring me into the Imperial Palace?”

Jun Wu Xie’s words made Xiong Ba stunned a moment. The timing of the attack on Lei Fan had been too much of a coincidence and Xiong Ba had linked it to Jun Xie without a moment’s hesitation. But according to the statements from the bunch of eunuchs, the man who had attacked Lei Fan had been extremely highly skilled. Besides having been able to avoid detection from the heavy patrols from the guards, the man had even held the prince hostage right before the faces of a large number of guards. A feat like that, even for Xiong Ba himself, was not possible to achieve.

“It’s really not you?” Xiong Ba asked hesitatingly as he stared at Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie shrugged her shoulders. “Whether it is or not, Hall Chief Xiong can believe as he wishes.”

The more open Jun Xie sounded about it, the more Xiong Ba felt that he was just being petty and overly suspicious and he suddenly felt a little embarrassed of himself. He hastened to apologise to Jun Xie but Jun Xie did not seem to have minded it much and did not hold it against Xiong Ba.

On the other hand, Xiong Ba who had been easily brushed off with just a few words from Jun Xie had not noticed that Jun Xie had not actually answered his question directly at all, but had replied him with questions, without having admitted to or to deny the allegations.

“I had not thought that we will encounter such a thing coming into the palace. Blood of Kin is not considered to be extremely rare, but few people are able to successfully cultivate it now. I had not thought that this old man would live long enough to witness Blood of Kin myself.” Feng Yue Yang said with a heartfelt sigh.

Jun Wu Xie on the other hand, had taken a seat at the side, her lowered eyes glinting with an icy chill.


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