GDBBM – Chapter 926

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Chapter 926: “Slap with Borrowed Hand – First Form (2)”

“Mother, then you must quickly get father here or your son is going to be tormented to death from this.”

The Empress turned to Lei Fan looking pained as she nodded.

Xiong Ba and the others obediently stayed within the mansion in the palace in rest and did not want to get themselves involved into any other incidents. After a while, Jun Wu Xie went to one of the rooms and shut the door tightly behind her. Xiong Ba was feeling that he had wronged the kid and he did not want to disturb him any further.

Unknown to him, Jun Wu Xie had immediately after entering the room, quietly opened a window at the back. And outside the window, Ye Sha dressed in his usual full black stood there having waited for a long while. In his hand, was gripped the sword that had nicked Lei Fan’s neck as he soundlessly slipped into the room to kneel before Jun Wu Xie.

“Reporting to the Young Miss. A man from the Empress’ Palace had already left for the Prime Minister’s Mansion.”

“Oh?” Jun Wu Xie asked, an eyebrow arching up.

“She is moving rather fast I must say.”

Ye Sha continued: “The Emperor has only allowed them half a day and the Empress does not dare tally a single moment.”

Jun Wu Xie walked leisurely to a chair on one side and sat down before she said: “We’ll just watch and see the. The Fire Country’s Imperial Palace is destined to have their tranquility broken today anyway.”


Jun Wu Xie then added: “You can go inform Lei Chen that he can make his move now.”

“Yes!” Immediately upon answering, Ye Sha leapt out through the window, a black shadow that blurred and disappeared before Jun Wu Xie’s eyes.

Jun Wu Xie rested her chin in her hand and tilted her head. She dipped a fingertip into the tea and gingerly wrote a few characters on the table.

Lei Chen came whirling into the Imperial Palace in a rush. The Emperor was puzzled at having suddenly receiving news of Lei Chen’s arrival at the Palace. After ascertaining that he was alone, the Emperor finally allowed him in and asked for him to be brought to his study.

“Why have you come here?” The Emperor was still highly concerned with Lei Fan’s condition and he was naturally not showing Lei Chen any cordiality.

Lei Chen knelt on one knee before the Emperor and he held up a brocade box to present to the Emperor.

“I heard the news that the Fourth Prince was hurt in an assassination attempt and I have been highly concerned. I was raised in the Empress’ Palace together with Fourth Brother from young and we have naturally been closer than to other people. When I came to know that Fourth Brother lost a lot of blood, I wished that I could take his place instead. But that is not possible and I can only bring the precious Blood Ling Zhi I have in my residence into the Palace for him. The Blood Ling Zhi is highly beneficial for the nourishing of blood and is most suitable for Fourth Brother’s current condition.”

The Emperor was surprised a brief moment. He had been scheming to replace Lei Chen with Lei Fan as the Crown Prince all this time and hence, he had always seen Lei Chen as an enemy of Lei Fan. But he had forgotten that the two brothers had always shared a close relationship and although Lei Chen had been the prince biologically born from the Empress, the Empress had not shown the slightest favouritism towards Lei Chen but had instead shown more love and concern for Lei Fan. And anything that Lei Fan wanted, Lei Chen had never once competed with his younger brother for it.

When that realisation came into his mind, the Emperor quickly accepted Lei Chen’s anxious rush into the Imperial Palace to deliver medicine as genuine and had no ulterior motives behind it, his heart greatly comforted by the strong show of their brotherly ties.

Seeing Lei Chen being so loving and concerned for Lei Fan, even if the position of Crown Prince was handed over to Lei Fan, it was thought Lei Chen wouldn’t be jealous. With the strong bond between Lei Fan and Lei Chen, even when Lei Fan becomes the ruler of the Fire Country in the future, Lei Chen could very well still look out for his brother.

With the scene of the brothers being amicable and supportive of each other in the Emperor’s mind, his demeanor towards Lei Chen improved a little.

“I am highly comforted that your heart is so concerned for your little brother. Your Fourth Brother is undergoing such torment now and you have shown he has a place in your heart. This Blood Ling Zhi, if I remember it correctly, should be the one you had tirelessly searched for, to give to the Empress Dowager before?” The Emperor asked with a benign smile on his face.


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