GDBBM – Chapter 923

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Chapter 923: “Curtains Up (6)”


The frown on the Emperor’s face creased up even deeper. “Empress, you should know best how I feel towards Little Fan. Throughout the years, Little Fan had been raised right by your side, and I have seen that you cared deeply for Little Fan as well. But things have come to such a state, and you have heard the Imperial Physician’s words clearly. If I do not extract my blood, Little Fan will definitely lose his life!”

The Empress’ face was filled with tears, however, she still remained kneeling on the ground.

The fact that the Emperor was willing to save Lei Fan came as no surprise to the Empress, but she could not allow the Emperor to do that. If Lei Fan was really the Emperor’s biological son, the Empress would naturally wish for nothing more than for the Emperor to save Lei Fan, but in truth, no one knew better than she did who Lei Fan’s biological father really was!

If the Emperor was allowed to extract his blood and it was given to Lei Fan, and Lei Fan’s poison was not neutralised, then the Emperor would definitely find it all very suspicious. WIth the Emperor’s suspicious nature, the secrets behind Lei Fan’s birth would then be found out by the Emperor very quickly.

If that happened, not only Lei Fan would not be saved, all of them would instead find themselves facing certain death instead!

Under these circumstances, even though the Empress was anxious to save Lei Fan, she knew she had to stop the Emperor, and not allow him to extract his blood!

“Your Majesty! You know Little Fan the best. He has been very filial from a very young age and if he knew that you harmed yourself in order to save him, he will surely hate himself for it! I plead for Your Majesty to reconsider! Your lady has heard of this poison called the Blood of Kin before and it is said that there is more than one way to neutralise it. Why don’t we first let the Imperial Physicians stabilise Little Fan’s condition and let your lady consult the doctors in the Imperial Capital for a cure and we might just be able to find a better way from it!” The Empress wailed, looking at the Emperor nervously, her heart hanging by a thread with those words.

The Emperor’s face was creased in a deep frown. The amount of blood required was so much  and it was a rather hard decision for him. The Empress’ words had made him hesitate further and with that momentary hesitation, Lei Fan who was lying on the bed finally managed to regain consciousness and he began to mumble some words.

The Empress immediately turned her head around and saw Lei Fan slowly opening his eyes. She pulled up the hem of her dress and ran over to go beside Lei Fan’s bed to say in tears: “My poor Little Fan, how could there be anyone so wicked and cruel in this world to want to inflict this Blood of Kin poison on you that requires a blood transfusion from your father in order to save your life. Little Fan, your Imperial Father is agreeable to the blood transfusion and it will require three whole bowls! Oh my poor son…..”

The Empress wailed out in an incessant chatter, hinting strongly to Lei Fan with her long string of words.

Due to the excessive loss of blood, Lei Fan’s mind was still unclear and he was feeling highly groggy, but he had nevertheless clearly heard the Empress mentioned the words “Imperial Father”.

At the moment in his mind, a flashback of the black robed man’s words spoken just before he left came to his mind.

“Only the blood of your biological father can save you.”

With a blast, it exploded in Lei Fan’s mind with a loud bang. He immediately understood what the Empress was trying to hint at and struggling to push the pain that wrecked at his body, he was helped by the Imperial Physicians to sit up, with his face deathly white as he looked at the Emperor.

“Father! Father, you must not ever even consider doing something like that! If it was all because of your son that made you decide to harm yourself, then I will become too ashamed to remain living in this world! I plead that Father place your trust in the skills of the Imperial Physicians and let them try out some other methods to cure me!”

Seeing his son now weak and frail from the poison still being so considerate and protective of the Emperor’s well being, and was willing to prolong the time that it would take to neutralize the poison, the Emperor was suddenly deeply moved, and his paternal love for the loving son surged, making him feel that Lei Fan was indeed the son he had with his beloved woman, that was as sensible and caring as his mother.



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