GDBBM – Chapter 922

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Chapter 922: “Curtains Up (5)”

“Blood of Kin?” The Emperor’s brow went up as he stared at the Imperial Physician, not knowing what it was.

The Imperial Physician was still kneeling on the floor and he gulped secretly before he said: “It is a type of poison that will cause the victim to lose a great amount of blood. Although the toxicity of the poison is not strong, but it causes a situation where the victim’s wounds would not be able to close. The poison’s toxin goes into the blood of a person which makes the blood unable to clot, and it makes the blood surge in its flow, causing a heavier bleeding from the wound than it should from the injury.”

“What does that actually mean?” The Empress was thinking the Imperial Physician’s words were sounding a little strange, which made her ask immediately.

The Imperial Physician said: “The wound on the Fourth Prince’s neck is not serious, but because of the effects of the Blood of Kin, the wound would not close, which will cause the current heavy bleeding to continue and result in the over excessive loss of blood…..”

The Empress was so shocked her hands clutched her chest, and the Emperor’s expression was turning darker by the minute.

“Isn’t there anything that can neutralize this poison?” The Emperor was suddenly filled with hatred for the culprit. The wound he had inflicted was minor, but the lone elixir he used was enough to turn that minor wound into a mortal wound that would be fatal!

The Imperial Physician was covered in cold sweat. He wiped at his forehead which was heavily beaded with sweat as he said: “You lowly subject has already given some blood nourishing elixir to His Highness and that can temporarily alleviate the condition of excessive blood loss. But to completely neutralize the poison from the Blood of Kin, there is only one way! The name Blood of Kin, is derived from the method needed to neutralize it.”

“Then, spit it out quick!” The Emperor really felt like giving one big mighty kick to this humming and hawing Imperial Physician.

“It needs….. the kin of the victim, to give out some of his blood, to dilute and thin out the toxin in the victim’s blood, and the use of other medicine in support, before it will work.” Upon finishing his words, the Imperial Physician hit his head three times on the ground in kowtow.

“Blood of his kin?” The Emperor was shocked a moment, and he asked immediately after: “Will the blood between brothers work?”

The Imperial Physician hastily replied. “If the blood of siblings is to be used, they will need to be born from the same biological parents on both sides, and the one supplying the blood must be male before it will work.”

The words of the Imperial Physician caused the Emperor to fall silent, while on the other side, the colour had completely seeped out of the Empress’ face instantly. Within her panicked filled eyes, besides the worry she held for Lei Fan, held a tinge of terror that could not be detected by any others there.

The Imperial Physician kneeling on the floor started to shiver more violently. Everyone knew that the Fourth Prince Lei Fan was born from a concubine who had already passed on. The Lady and the Emperor only had one child, Lei Fan, between them, and there were no other biological brothers to speak of.

Hence, the only person that was able to save Lei Fan, was only the Emperor himself!

Both the Emperor’s fists were tightly clenched. Lei Fan was his most favoured son and although he cared a great deal about his own safety, he however,still did not wish to see Lei Yan lose his life for it.

The Emperor was silent for a while before he asked: “How much blood is needed?”

The Imperial Physician said: “Three bowls of blood is needed, and it must be poured down into the Fourth Prince throat into his body immediately upon extraction and if there is any delay in between, it will be ineffective.”

Three bowl of blood, it was enough to cause a great effect on one’s body and health. The Emperor’s brows creased up deeply and he was just about to open his mouth to speak when the pale faced Empress suddenly knelt right before the Emperor!

“Your lady knows that the Emperor loves Little Fan, but with His Majesty is the Son of Heaven, how can we inflict harm and desecrate the dragon’s body to extract blood out of it? And it is such a great amount as well. If it is really carried out, then His Majesty’s body will suffer great harm! Your lady pleads with Your Majesty to not doing anything to harm yourself.” The Empress pleaded, weeping pitifully.


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