GDBBM – Chapter 913

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Chapter 913 : “Intricate Plot (4)”

Lei Chen’s lifted as he gestured to the chairs: “Please take a seat first. We will talk about it slowly after we’re all seated.”

Xiong Ba and Qu Ling Yue sat down immediately.

“In regards to the incident with Qu Ling Yue’s injury, what does Hall Chief Xiong think about it?” Lei Chen inquired.

Xiong Ba was surprised, not expecting Lei Chen to ask such a question, and Xiong Ba looked at Qu Ling Yue with a rather uneasy glance for a moment.

Qu Ling Yue was made use of and she was put under unnecessary torment. As a member of the Thousand Beast City, he was highly displeased. But in the face of the Fire Country’s status and might before him, no matter how unhappy the Thousand Beast City was with the incident, he could not openly declare war against the mightiest country then. Suddenly having Lei Chen, the Fire Country’s Crown Prince asking him a question like that, really put Xiong Ba in a tight spot. He couldn’t very well just admonish the Fire Country before their own Crown Prince could he?

Qu Ling Yue saw the struggle that Xiong Ba was facing and she went on to say: “Senior’s question is really putting my Uncle Xiong in a tight spot. Senior knows very well the entire story behind the incident and if you want Uncle Xiong to say he does not mind it in the least, that would be quite impossible. And as Senior is the Crown Prince of the Fire Country, if Uncle Xiong were to say anything about it, it might not be that appropriate as well.” Qu Ling Yue was on more familiar terms with Lei Chen and she didn’t need to be that restrained before Lei Chen with her words.

Lei Chen laughed out loud.

“I was being too rude. I had not considered the fact that my question would put Hall Chief Xiong in such an uncomfortable position. Why don’t I rephrase it in another way? If given a chance, would you like to be able to seek redress for the injustice shown to you?”

This time, even Qu Ling Yue was stunned.

“What does Senior mean by that?”

Lei Chen went on to explain: “The incident happened as Junior Ling Yue had just mentioned. It was the Fire Country who had acted inappropriately in this instance, but my Father had not even offered a single bit of explanation in regards to the matter. The Fire Country and the Thousand Beast City had always enjoyed cordial relations and I feel that my Father’s actions had gone rather overboard this time. Although I am the Fire Country’s Crown Prince, I am also Qu Ling Yue’s Senior fellow disciple as well. Having seen my junior being made to go through such unnecessary suffering, how could I feel good about it? Otherwise, why would I have gone to such lengths to invite the Young Miss Jun to help?”

Lei Chen’s words caused Xiong Ba and Qu Ling Yue to glance at each other. They had both not expected that Lei Chen would have invited them here today to tell them all this.

And after hearing Lei Chen’s words, they had been able to vaguely grasp what Lei Chen really meant.

But they still did not understand why Lei Chen was doing this.

“I guess the two of you must be feeling rather confused by my words today. There is actually something that I had not told the two of you all this while.” Lei Chen said.

“What is it?” Xiong Ba asked.

“Actually, I do not know Young Miss Jun that well at all. Before having invited her to treat Ling Yue, you could even say that I did not know her at all. The real person who brought the Young Miss Jun here to give treatment to Ling Yue wasn’t me, but someone else.” Lei Chen said with a smile.

“Not Your Highness?” Xiong Ba asked, slightly shocked.

Lei Chen nodded.

“The person who got Young Miss Jun to come here is someone you both know as well. It is actually that friend of mine, Jun Xie.”

Xiong Ba immediately remembered that youth with the delicately handsome features.

“It was him?” Qu Ling Yue exclaimed, her mouth slightly agape.

Lei Chen continued on: “The incident where Ling Yue was injured had gotten him implicated in it afterall and he would naturally been unwilling to be made the innocent scapegoat. Hence, he had invited Young Miss Jun to come here and he asked me to bring her to Ling Yue and that was how it led to the rest of the things that happened. So, I would like to say in shame that I had been highly undeserving of the gratitude that Hall Chief Xiong’s gratitude shown to me then.”

Xiong Ba’s eyes were still fixed on Lei Chen. “Why would Your Highness then reveal all this to us today?”

Lei Chen then asked with a cold laugh: “Haven’t the two of you yet heard?”

“Heard what?”

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