GDBBM – Chapter 901

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Chapter 901 : “Assassination (6)”

In between gasps of breaths, he heard Jun Wu Xie’s words. The man could do nothing but lie on the ground motionless. Nobody would be able to fully understand how he was feeling at that moment, as everything that Jun Wu Xie said was true!

He had merely fallen onto the ground and the unimaginable pain had already made him feel like dying.

No one bothered with he did after that, and no one had asked him a single question either.

Jun Wu Xie and her companions carried on just as they had on any other day, sitting at the table to enjoy their sumptuous breakfast. The waiter who had been overly startled by the past night’s events was jittery as he served up the dishes, his eyes only looking dead straight ahead, not daring to once look at the man who was lying flat upon the ground, completely motionless, just like a corpse.

As the man lay upon the ground not moving in the slightest, his limbs were fast becoming numb.  It wasn’t that he did not want to move, but it was because with the most minute of movement he made, it would bring him the most excruciating pain that tore him apart.

The torment, caused him to be  unable to do anything but lie unmoving on the ground. But the cold floor itself was also wrecking endless torment on his nerves. The floor might just be slightly chilly, but he was feeling like he had been thrown mercilessly into a freezing lake in winter. His body that was touching the floor was feeling the bone biting chill, making him feel like he would freeze to death lying there.

While he lay there in helpless torture, Jun Wu Xie and her companions sat at the side, chatting merrily, enjoying their scrumptious meal.

Comparing the two situations at hand side by side, his circumstances were made all the more unbearable.

He wasn’t afraid of killing himself. Although a cut across the neck might be a horrible death, but it would at least be quick. Now that he could not even see an end to this terrifying torture, which was a fate even worse than dying, it invariably pushed him into the pits of despair, unable to pull himself out from it.

“I’ll talk….. I’ll tell you everything…..” The man’s trembling voice finally rang out.

Qiao Chu and the others immediately raised their heads to look at Jun Wu Xie.

It had been barely just an hour, and the man was already willing to confess?

A man who wasn’t even afraid to die, a man who would rather bite his own tongue to kill himself in order to keep the secret had succumbed under a single elixir from Jun Wu Xie? Even when she had not done a single thing more against him but had merely let him lie on the ground without even probing him with a single question? Just one elixir and the man had volunteered to confess?

The looks her several companions were giving her were filled with curiosity. They wanted so much to know just how horrifying the effects of the elixir that Jun Wu Xie had given the man could be, that it could break such a highly determined and resolute man to such a pitiable state in just less than an hour’s time.

Jun Wu Xie slowly put down her bowl and chopsticks, her eyes turning to look at Ye Sha.

Ye Sha immediately picked the man up.

That one quick action, elicited a bout of heart rending screams from the man, the horrifying sounds, immediately causing the faces of the innkeeper and the waiter on the first floor to immediately turn pale.

“It’s the Prime Minister….. The Prime Minister was the one who ordered us to come kill you.” The man took a long while to recuperate, before saying in a trembling voice.

“Prime Minister?” Jun Wu Xie asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Ay? The Fire Country’s Prime Minister, isn’t he….. isn’t he…..” Qiao Chu seemed to have suddenly remembered something, as he winked at Jun Wu Xie repeatedly, trying very hard to hint at something.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes swept past Qiao Chu, completely ignoring him.

“Why does he want to kill me?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

“I really do not know the reason. I am only in charge of getting rid of people whom the Prime Minister wants eradicated. As to the reason behind it, I had never dared to ask, and the Prime Minister would not tell it to me.” The man answered.

Jun Wu Xie nodded. She knew the man was not lying. Having gotten her answer, she nodded again at Ye Sha and Ye Sha immediately broke the man’s neck without even blinking.

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