GDBBM – Chapter 900

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Chapter 900 : “Assassination (6)”

Fortunately Ye Sha found out in time and immediately dislodged his lower jaw to make it impossible for him to bite his own tongue, watching him closely, making it impossible for him to commit any acts of suicide.

“Fiery one we have here, don’t we?” Qiao Chu walked over to him and looked at the dark robed man. The man looked to be average in terms of looks but his eyes were filled with steely determination.

“If I am to snap his lower jaw back in place, he will immediately kill himself.” Ye Sha said with his brows creased up. Such unwavering loyalty to the one he served, that was a trait he knew very well himself.

Jun Wu Xie took out an elixir from within her clothes and passed it to Qiao Chu.

“Feed it to him.”

Qiao Chu immediately shivered when he saw the elixir. Although he knew not of the effects the elixir had, but just how many elixirs that were handed out from Jun Wu Xie’s hand made her enemies feel good?

“Sigh, you reap what you sow.” Qiao Chu said sympathetically as he stuffed the elixir into the dark robed man’s mouth. The dark robed man’s face furrowed into a frown as he tried to struggle, but his was completely not a match for Ye Sha who was holding him.

Watching the dark robed man swallow the elixir, and after waiting a few moments, Jun Wu Xie then nodded slightly to Ye Sha, where Ye Sha immediately snapped the dark robed man’s lower jaw back in place.

The very instant he found he could move his lower jaw, the man immediately attempted to bite on his tongue to kill himself.

But at the moment his teeth just touched his tongue, an extremely excruciating pain shot through his nerves. In that instant, cold sweat ran down his forehead, his face immediately paled! And his entire body began to shake.

“You want to kill yourself? Go ahead.” Jun Wu Xie wasn’t even looking at the man as she said to Ye Sha: “Release him.”

Ye Sha let go of his hands and the man immediately fell to the ground without Ye Sha’s support!

But at the very moment his body had just fallen onto the ground, a highly excruciating pain wrecked at his entire body. The unimaginably agonising pain felt like all the bones in his body were being ground and crushed, and his flesh just like it was being torn apart.

No matter how resolute his will was, when confronted against such insane and maniacal torment, the man had broken down completely, tears and mucus running, his face deathly white.

Watching the dark robed man who had just been so stoically determined and resolute moments before reduced to a sobbing trembling heap before his eyes, Qiao Chu immediately turned in puzzlement to ask Jun Wu Xie: “Little Xie, what did you make me give him? Why is he…..”

[Why is he writhing in such tormented agony with the slightest movement he makes?]

Jun Wu Xie replied: “The human body’s sensitivity to touch invariably differs with everyone. Some people would feel excruciating pain just by scraping their skin while some others would not think it too unbearable even if you cut their flesh to the bone. That is affected largely by the level of sensitivity of the nerve transmitting impulses of pain and their level of willpower. This man has rather strong willpower and I wanted to see whether his so called loyalty would be able to stand up to extreme excruciating pain. That elixir merely causes the nerves transmitting pain in his body to be amplified indefinitely, and the slightest and lightest touch would make him feel bone crushing and flesh tearing pain.”

Qiao Chu’s eyes widened in horror. Although he did not understand anything about nerves transmitting pain impulses, but….. just by looking at the dark robed man’s reaction had already told him that this elixir of Jun Wu Xie’s, though seemingly not that extraordinary outwardly, but its effects….. was astoundingly shocking.

A casual light touch, with that slight friction on the skin, would at that moment be as agonizingly painful as having someone using a coarse file to scrape off your flesh.

Jun Wu Xie did not even need to do anything to the man. Each and every movement the man made in the very slightest would be an endless torment for him.

Under the unbelievable torment, there was no need to even mention biting his own tongue to kill himself. The single touch his tongue had felt earlier had already been countless times more agonizing than when someone bites his tongue to kill himself. However strong his willpower, he would not be able to withstand torment such as this.

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