GDBBM – Chapter 888

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Chapter 888 : “Banquet in the Palace (7)”

The pain permeated to every part of his body and fear overtook him.

The effects of the medicine should still be in effect and why was this happening now! ?

Jun Wu Xie stared coldly at Lei Fan who was writhing and howling on the ground incessantly, her eyes reflecting the cold light from the moon.

Although Lei Fan was trying his hardest to hide his face, Jun Wu Xie could however see it all clearly. The bones on Lei Fan’s face was already beginning to shift and his looks was changing bit by bit!

Suddenly, a tall slender figure stepping on the moonlight walked into the Imperial Garden. “What is happening to the Fourth Prince? Guards! Carry the Fourth Prince back to the palace for treatment immediately!”

When Jun Wu Xie heard the voice, she lifted her head slowly, suddenly seeing the silver haired man she had spotted earlier outside the doors to the banquet. He was now standing just steps away and what puzzled her was that she had not noticed him approach.

The silver haired man smiled and nodded at Jun Wu Xie, and the guards outside the Imperial Garden rushed in when they heard the man’s shout. They stared blankly at Lei Fan who was still howling continuously on the ground covering his face and they were unable to decide what to do at that moment.

“Lord Grand Adviser! What is happening to His Highness?” One of the guards asked nervously.

The Grand Adviser said calmly: “It might be the winter chill, and he has fallen ill. Hurry and carry him back to the Empress’ Palace and have her get the Imperial Physicians to treat him.”

The guards did not dare hesitate another moment longer. They lifted Lei Fan up and left immediately. As Lei Fan was being helped up, the excruciating pain was wrecking at his body so badly he was almost falling apart. But he still kept his hands covered tightly over his own face, not letting anyone see his current countenance in the slightest.

As he was being carried away, the eyes that Lei Fan hid behind his hands stared viciously at Jun Xie.

[He has seen it!] [He must have seen it!]

After Lei Fan was carried off, the Grand Adviser gave a sigh and turned to say to the calm and composed Jun Wu Xie standing on one side: “The frost is chilly so late at night. It is not advisable for Young Master Jun to go out.”

Jun Wu Xie was measuring the silver haired man standing before her. From the way the guard had addressed him, she had known his identity. The Grand Adviser of the Yan Country, Wen Yu.

Also a highly attractive looking man who was known as the most beautiful man in the Yan Country.

Jun Wu Xie was used to seeing Jun Wu Yao’s unparalleled flawless looks, but it must still be said that Wen Yu’s countenance was not one that normal people can compare to, being just a notch slightly less good looking than Jun Wu Yao.

“Towards an invitation from the Emperor, how can a lowly one like me reject it?” Jun Wu Xie replied softly. At this moment, Wen Yu should already be at the banquet. So why had he suddenly appeared here? An at such an opportune time!

“That’s true.” Wen Yu said, laughing lightly. His gaze swept over at Jun Xie gently, but when he saw the ring on Jun Xie’s finger, a sliver of shock showed on his face.

“The Grand Adviser seems to be highly interested in this ring of mine?” Jun Wu Xie did not miss the strange look that passed fleetingly over Wen Yu’s face, and she was rather intrigued by the reaction. The Emperor had been highly concerned with the same ring and now that Wen Yu had seen the ring, he had reacted in a similar fashion.

Wen Yu suppressed the shock that was showing in his eyes and lifted his head to look at Jun Xie to say: “Since Young Master Jun is not interested in the banquet in the palace, you should go back early. The Spirit Battle Tournament has ended and it is time for the people from all the various academies to be leaving the Imperial Capital. I would think that Young Master Jun has been apart from your family for quite a long period and returning back earlier will allow you to reunite with your family as well.”

Wen Yu’s words were not entirely clear, but beneath those words, he was asking Jun Xie to hurry up and leave!

This was the first time that Jun Wu Xie had met Wen Yu and they had not interacted with each other before this. Why would Wen Yu suddenly say those words to her?


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