GDBBM – Chapter 887

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Chapter 887 : “Banquet in the Palace (6)”

It was the third method that lasted a longer period than the first and it wasn’t easy to detect a flaw. And compared to the second method, it was a lot less tormenting.

Jun Wu Xie secretly observed Lei Fan’s face and did not find anything applied on it externally and did not spot any marks that showed that he went under the knife. She quickly concluded that Lei Fan must have used the third method to change his looks.

The Bone Shifting Technique was an ability exclusive only to the Bone Shifters Tribe in the Middle Realm and Lei Fan’s disguise was most probably achieved with the effects of certain drugs and medicine.

A glint of understanding came into Jun Wu Xie’s eyes and Lei Fan’s chatter continued to reach her ears, trying to gain Jun Xie’s interest.

Trying his hardest to strike up a conversation with Jun Xie, Lei Fan failed to notice that a puff of black mist had formed beside Jun Xie and silently coalesced into the form of a tiny black cat. Jun Wu Xie soundlessly dropped a bottle of medicine out from her sleeve and the little black cat immediately pounced over and curled its tail around it before the bottle hit the ground.

“Why is the Fourth Prince so fixated on me?” Jun Wu Xie gave Lei Fan a rare response and Lei Fan immediately said: “It is of course I feel so comfortable around you! After so many years of hosting the Spirit Battle Tournament, only you are closest to me in age. Moreover, you are so highly skilled and that makes me admire you all the more.”

Jun Wu Xie lifted an eyebrow and replied: “If I remember it correctly, Your Highness just had his sixteenth birthday last year. If it is similarity in age, the others would be closer to Your Highness’ age I think.”

The smile on Lei Fan’s face congealed, and he was suddenly flabbergasted with Jun Xie’s rebuttal.

Just as Lei Fan was going to react, a black shadow suddenly leapt before his eyes. Before he could even see what that thing was, an unknown liquid splattered over his face!

On a winter night and suddenly having that cold chill on his face, Lei Fan could not help himself and his body shivered.

“Damn it! What was that! ?” Lei Fan reached out his hand and wiped off the unknown liquid from his face, looking around angrily for signs of that fleeting shadow.

Jun Wu Xie suddenly stopped in her tracks at that moment and her gaze was locked on Lei Fan’s face.

“Why is Jun Xie looking at me like that? Is there anything on my face?” Lei Fan asked Jun Xie as he felt all over his face. He lowered his head to look at the liquid on his hands and saw that it was something very similar to clear water. He assumed it was just water in his heart and he was not really bothered about it.

“That thing just now must have been a cat or dog hiding in the Imperial Garden. The ladies in the Back Chambers love to keep them as pets to kill time and with the winter snow still not melted, that animal must have gotten some snow on its body and splashed some of it from their bodies onto my face.” Lei Fan said with a smile on his face, seemingly not minding it at all.

Jun Wu Xie was however suddenly saying: “Your Highness, your face…..”

“My face? What’s wrong with my face?”  Lei Fan was not aware of what was happening and he was still grinning as he asked. But very soon, he could not smile anymore. As he checked his face with his hands, he suddenly felt the flesh on his face shift, and he felt as if there was a force tugging at his facial bones, driving a sudden excruciating pain to run through his body!

“Argh! !” It was just an an instant and Lei Fan had suddenly fallen to the ground, his hands covering his face as he howled out in agony. And under that agonising and tormenting pain, a terrifying fear grew within his heart.

That pain was only all too familiar to him by now. He would experience it once almost every month and no one knew it better than him, what was the result at the end of this tormenting pain!

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