GDBBM – Chapter 881

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Chapter 881 : “Panicked (4)”

The other four people in the top ten ranks had in the initial stages of the ranking matches of the final ten spontaneously declared their surrender. It was not because they were cowardly, but it was because the disparity in the power levels of the opponents was too huge and even if they went up on stage, before the six monsters from the Zephyr Academy, they would only end up looking sorely inadequate. Instead of embarrassing themselves like that, they chose to just accept their position in the lower ranks in the top ten and retreat early in the matches.

The matches of the top ten that was supposed to be the most attention grabbing had under the solo performance by the Zephyr Academy turned to become dull and unexciting. After the other four participants forfeited, only the contestants from the Zephyr Academy were left. Jun Wu Xie and the others had not even bothered to fight and they just showed their faces on stage to merely raise up their hands to announce their forfeiture, forcibly pushing Fan Zhuo up the ranks to attain the Spirit Battle Tournament’s highly vaunted first position.

To Fan Zhuo himself…..

Being elevated up onto the pedestal in such a manner, he could not feel the slightest bit of glory from it!

But in his heart he knew, that Jun Wu Xie and the others had done this for only one reason. It was because his surname. Fan!

With a member of the Fan Family gaining the top position in the Spirit Battle Tournament, to Fan Jin and the Zephyr Academy, it was a matter that would boost the confidence people had for them.

After the Spirit Battle Tournament ended, Fan Jin had gotten himself roaring drunk in the middle of the day, his face filled with a goofy grin as he was carried by Fan Zhuo to go back to the room to rest.

According to the Spirit Battle Tournament’s yearly itinerary, after the matches for the top ten ranked concluded, The Yan Country’s Emperor would invite the top ten ranked winners to join him in a state banquet and this year was no exception.

On the second day after the Spirit Battle Tournament ended, Jun Wu Xie and the others received the Imperial Edict, inviting them to make their way into the Imperial Palace to partake in a state banquet. Lei Chen had also sent them congratulatory gifts and word that he would be joining them in another round of merrymaking at the banquet that night.

“I dare to swear, that this Imperial Edict, must have been drafted while the Emperor was vomiting blood out of his mouth.” Qiao Chu exclaimed, turning the scroll round a few times in careful scrutiny, laughing out in an endless guffaw.

Ye Sha had gathered information back from within the Palace, that the Emperor had intended to stir up another storm during the matches of the top ten ranked contestants. But would have expected that Jun Wu Xie and the others would only use less than half a day’s time to conclude the entire competition that was supposed to be highly gripping and exciting. The minions of the Emperor had just been rubbing their hands in glee in preparation for their schemes to commence when they found that the competition had already ended.

That had caused the Emperor to be unable to give vent to the anger he had lodged in his chest which infuriated him endlessly.

“It must be really hard on him. He would obviously not want to see us in the slightest but he is forced to extend the invitation to us.” Fei Yan said smilingly. The schemes the Emperor had thought up and planned for had fallen flat before they could even be executed, unable to stir up anything during the final matches between the top ten ranks. The companions were widely seen to be closest to Lei Chen and according to regulations, they would all return back to their academies soon after the Spirit Battle Tournament ended whereby the Emperor would not have any more opportunity to try to poach them but forced to watch helplessly as the alliance between Lei Chen and them becoming stronger and stronger. How frustrating that must feel.

“Tonight, I say let’s all make a few more toasts to Lei Chen right before the Emperor’s eyes!” Qiao Chu said with an evil glint in his eye.

“Of course toasts are a must! It would be more perfect if a nuptial toast with crossed arms could be made as well! I think you would be the most suitable candidate for it.” Fei Yan said to Qiao Chu, his eyes blinking innocently at Qiao Chu.

Qiao Chu cussed with a laugh and reached for the vase at the side and threw it, which Fei Yan nimbly raised his hand to catch easily.

“I don’t really care how the Emperor feels about it. What I would like to know more is what Little Xie intends to do from here onwards. There won’t be many opportunities to gain entry into the Imperial Palace and if we are unable to make our move tonight, we will have to find an excuse to remain here in the city and try to find a way through Lei Chen to enter the Palace to locate the map.” Fan Zhuo said, his chin held in his palm as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie replied: “We shall give it a try tonight.”


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