GDBBM – Chapter 880

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Chapter 880 : “Panicked (3)”

“Save him? Why?” Jun Wu Xie asked, her eyebrow lifted up.

“Aren’t the people from the Thousand Beast City going to interrogate those physicians to gather information from them?” Ya Sha asked, slightly puzzled.

Jun Wu Xie instead waved her hand lazily and said: “If the Emperor wants to seek his own death, why should I try to stop him. Just let him be.”

Ye Sha was even more confused.

Jun Wu Xie said patiently: “Even if the people from the Thousand Beast City find out the truth, they will only keep the hatred in their hearts. Their Chieftain should be a smart enough man to not want to have a falling out with the biggest and mightiest country. Moreover, Qu Ling Yue was not really harmed in this incident and they wouldn’t carry things too far. Whether they kill Imperial Physician Li would not make much of a difference as the Yan Country’s Emperor way of dealing with it is merely burying his head in the sand and by killing Imperial Physician Li, it would be as good as having Imperial Physician Li tell them the truth. Even if Xiong Ba does not get it, when he goes back and reports it to their Chieftain, their Chieftain would realise who was behind the whole thing anyway.”

With Jun Wu Xie explaining it all to him, Ye Sha immediately understood Jun Wu Xie’s intentions.

“The Yan Country’s Emperor wants to win the favour of the Thousand Beast City and all the more I will thwart his wishes. Since he dislikes Lei Chen, I will hand the gratitude from the Thousand Beast City over to Lei Chen.” Jun Wu Xie’s lips was curled up in a chilling smile. Anyone who schemed against her must always weigh themselves to see if they possess the capability.

“Our Young Miss’ ploy is indeed flawless!” Ye Sha was once again impressed by Jun Wu Xie’s shrewd mind. Even in a foreign country where everything was unfamiliar, she was still able to use everything she had at her disposal to turn the tables!

“You’re dismissed.” Jun Wu Xie was feeling rather tired and she needed a good rest.

Ye Sha immediately retreated from the room.

Early the next morning, at the inn that the War Banner Academy occupied, a murder was discovered. The victim was Imperial Physician Li who had always served under the Emperor directly. The magistrate of the Yan Country’s Imperial Capital had sent the constabulary to investigate the matter. It was said that Imperial Physician Li had died an aggrieved death and he had been brutally killed. The entire scene was filled with blood splatters all over the place.

Towards Imperial Physician Li’s sudden death, Xiong Ba was rather unhappy about it but was helpless against the fact. After that happened, Xiong Ba quickly just asked the rest of the physicians some perfunctory questions and immediately released them even though he had not been able to draw any conclusions from all their testimonies.

It was only one day away from the matches to determine the positions for the top ten ranked in the Spirit Battle Tournament. Because of the incident between Jun Xie and Qu Ling Yue in their district final match, both of them had lost their rights to advance into the top ten ranked. But after Qu Ling Yue regained consciousness, Jun Xie had immediately been cleared of the crime and the two opponents were supposed to have another match but Qu Ling Yue had quickly declared her forfeiture.

Towards Qu Ling Yue’s forfeiture, the people did not have have to say about it as those youths who had witnessed with their own eyes the situation on the day Jun Xie and Qu Ling Yue had stood facing each other on that day knew clearly in their hearts that even if the rematch had happened, the winner would undoubtedly be Jun Xie.

Without being branded as one who maimed his opponent, Jun Xie’s reputation improved tremendously. All those who had hated him for striking at Qu Ling Yue so viciously had after knowing the truth behind the matter, turned around to feel sorry for Jun Xie, lamenting the fact that he had been thrown behind bars for days for nothing, and had narrowly missed being able to contend for a position in the Spirit Battle Tournament’s top ten ranks!

The part of the entire Spirit Battle Tournament that attracted the most attention of all had begun and this year’s top ten ranked contest was instead of it being a fight for the prize among many opponents as always, it was instead like a solo performance by the Zephyr Academy.

The Zephyr Academy had a total of six participants in the tournament this year and among the top ten ranks, six of the contestants were all from the Zephyr Academy. It could be said that the tournament this year was a grand slam for the Zephyr Academy! The public opinion swung one only one way, completely pushing out the once equally famous War Banner Academy and the Dragon Slayers Academy from the competition.

Quickly becoming the ubiquitous dark horse that everyone spoke about.


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