GDBBM – Chapter 873

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Chapter 873 : “Face Slap – Ninth Form (3)”

Having suffered a scathing reprimand from Feng Yue Yang, Xiong Ba was dumbfounded for a moment.

“Senior Feng, what….. what are you saying?” Xiong Ba said dejectedly.

“What am I saying! ? I said that you dare to treat our Young Miss’ benefactor and saviour in such a thuggish manner, you have really outdone yourself this time!” Feng Yue Yang said in a highly displeased tone.

“Wh….. What….. Young Miss’….. Benefactor?” Xiong Ba stared widely, seriously suspecting that there was something wrong with his ears.

“Aren’t you going to set the person down! ?” Feng Yue Yang glared fiercely at Xiong Ba to say.

Xiong Ba’s mind was suddenly a complete blank and he could only act based on Feng Yue Yang’s words. He set Jun Wu Xie down, only this time his actions were extremely gentle, you could even say he was being very very careful.

With her feet back on the ground, Jun Wu Xie was calm and composed as she smoothed out her clothes and adjusted the collar that Xiong Ba had messed up.

Feng Yue Yang immediately came to stand beside Jun Wu Xie, and he crossed his hands in front of him and bent his back fully to offer Jun Wu Xie a full and proper ninety degree bow!

That scene, made everyone in the room all stunned in shock.

What kind of a status was Feng Yue Yang holding? In the hearts of all the physicians there, he was like the pinnacle of strength, the Purple Spirit! And on this day, with his full head of white locks, his unsurpassed skills and knowledge in Medicine, Feng Yue Yang was actually bowing in complete deference to a little lass that was barely fifteen years of age in front of everybody!

Everyone in the room fell into complete disarray at that instant.

“This old man was too blind to see your brilliance and I have erred by just seeing the sky from within a well and gravely misunderstood Miss Jun. I would hereby like to ask for Miss Jun forgiveness.” Feng Yue Yang’s tone of voice was no longer tinged with the aloofness and indifference from earlier, his speech was even laced with a slight trace of tremble now. That slight tremble in his voice was coming from the excitement and agitation he was feeling at that moment.

“No matter.” Jun Wu Xie replied indifferently, not showing the slightest sign of being overwhelmed at all. Towards Feng Yue Yang’s sincere apology, she had no qualms about accepting it.

The entire room of people were staring at Feng Yue Yang, highly flustered, completely oblivious to what was really happening. Why had Feng Yue Yang suddenly shown such deference to Jun Wu Xie with such a big bow, and had even apologised to her!

“Senior Feng?” Xiong Ba’s face was twitching slightly. “What you said earlier, what does it really mean? What were you referring to when you said….. Young Miss’ saviour and benefactor?”

Feng Yue Yang glared at Xiong Ba once again and said: “You and your always muddled mind. If those clumsy hands of yours had harmed Young Miss Jun earlier, when we get back to the Thousand Beast City, this old man here will surely report you to the Chieftain, to make you reflect well on your actions.”

Xiong Ba was feeling highly aggrieved about his situation. Even after having suffered repeated bouts of sharp rebuke from Feng Yue Yang, he still did not know what was going on.

Feng Yue Yang sighed and said: “This old man had also been foolish, and had nearly committed the same mistake as you. Fortunately Miss Jun is generous and forgiving.”

Jun Wu Xie shrugged her shoulders indifferently.

Feng Yue Yang continued to say: “Do you know what was the result I got when I took our Young Miss’ pulse the second time?”

Xiong Ba shook his head.

Feng Yue Yang crooned out: “Our Young Miss has fully recovered from her injuries and she is now only suffering from a slight deficiency in her blood. Her heart meridian has fully healed and the spirit power within her body has returned to its normal state.”

“What?” Xiong Ba exclaimed in disbelief, his eyes widening with shock.

The youth named Qing Yu also showed a little anxiety as he inquired for more details: “What Senior Feng means is…..”

Feng Yue Yang said: “Although I do not know exactly what Miss Jun did earlier, but our Young Miss has indeed made a full recovery. She will only require a little more nursing and she will be as good as new. Now, do you realise what a dumb thing you had actually done earlier, you fool! You had very nearly hurt our benefactor who just saved our Young Miss! And you still have the cheek to glare at me! ?”

Feng Yue Yang’s words had just barely fell when loud gasps suddenly sounded from everyone in the room!


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