GDBBM – Chapter 872

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Chapter 872 : “Face Slap – Ninth Form (2)”

Jun Wu Xie was however not intimidated in the least and merely turned her head calmly to look at Feng Yue Yang.

“Senior Feng, you can take Qu Ling Yue’s pulse one more time now.”

Xiong Ba continued to glare at Jun Wu Xie, not knowing what she was up to.

Feng Yue Yang frowned slightly and hesitated a moment before slowly walking over to the side of Qu Ling Yue’s bed and took Qu Ling Yue’s pulse once again.

“If our Young Miss comes into any mishap, even if you are just a little girl, I will still make you pay!” Xiong Ba glared angrily at Jun Wu Xie, his eyes burning with malicious murder.

But that murderous glare did not pressurize Jun Wu Xie in the slightest and she replied in a cold voice: “You will not have the opportunity to do that.”

“Hall Chief Xiong! That brat actually had the audacity to make a move on Miss Qu right before your eyes! Who know what are true intentions are! ?” Imperial Physician Li stepped forth anxiously, his eyes discreetly gravitating to steal a glance at Lei Chen. “On that day, the brat had been just as arrogant and brash! We argued with her for a long period but as His Highness, the Crown Prince insisted that we let her treat Miss Qu, we as mere physicians would naturally not have the power to resist. I had heard His Highness, the Crown Prince say it before. This so called Miss Jun, is the Young Miss of the Qi Kingdom’s Lin Palace, Jun Wu Xie. As the entire world knows, the Lin Palace are not known for their medical skills, which makes the Young Miss Jun’s intentions really suspect! There is no guarantee that she wouldn’t do anything to really harm Miss Qu.”

Xiong Ba was surprised a moment as he looked quizzically at Jun Wu Xie.

“You are from the Lin Palace?”

Jun Wu Xie merely raised up her eyebrow, as a sign of silent acquiescence.

“The Lin Palace and the Thousand Beast City had always minded their own business and shared no relations with each other. But if you are here to stir up trouble, even with the Lin Palace’s hundred thousand strong Rui Lin Army, our Thousand Beast City’s Spirit Beast horde will not let this matter rest!” Xiong Ba said through gritted teeth.

Imperial Physician Li secretly showed an insidious and malicious smile on his face.

But just as Imperial Physician Li was anticipating to see Xiong Ba’s rage and hatred to grow more intense and explode after knowing Jun Wu Xie’s identity, a surprised voice suddenly rang out!

“How can this be! ?” Feng Yue Yang’s voice resounded in the ears of everyone present in the room.

All eyes turned subconsciously as one to look at Feng Yue Yang. Xiong Ba did not want to continue arguing with Jun Wu Xie and he hurriedly turned his head in worry.

He saw Feng Yue Yang’s hand still resting upon Qu Ling Yue’s wrist and on that well weathered and wizened face, was an expression filled with utter disbelief and shock. His eyes were widened and his mouth sagged as if driven into shock by something.

When Imperial Physician Li saw that reaction on Feng Yue Yang, he laughed out in his heart, as he turned his jeering eyes to look at Jun Wu Xie still being held up in the air by Xiong Ba.

A great surge of fiery rage exploded from within Xiong Ba’s chest. He glared with unbridled murder and shouted in his booming voice: “What have you done to our Young Miss! ? If anything happens to our Young Miss, today I will…..”

“Hall Chief Xiong!” Feng Yue Yang suddenly shouted loudly.

He quickly discarded the shock in his heart and hurried himself to come next to Xiong Ba to say: “Hall Chief Xiong! Put Miss Jun down this instant! How can you be so boorishly rude! ?” His tone was filled with admonishment.

Xiong Ba was speechless. He turned to look at Feng Yue Yang, his face twisted up in puzzlement and confusion, unable to comprehend why Feng Yue Yang was pleading on Jun Wu Xie’s behalf.

“Senior Feng! What are you talking about! ?”

“You put Young Miss Jun down this instant!” Feng Yue Yang reiterated firmly.

“But….. but…..” Xiong Ba was at a loss for words.

Feng Yue Yang’s face creased up into an angry frown and said: “When will you change this temperament of yours! ? Anything that crops up you handle with violence at the first instance. No wonder the Chieftain insisted on Qing Yu to come with you. That temperament of yours will surely get us in trouble one day!”


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