GDBBM – Chapter 871

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Chapter 871 : “Face Slap – Ninth Form (1)”

Jun Wu Xie’s words made everyone in the room suddenly freeze in shock.

A momentary flash of nervousness appeared on Imperial Physician Li’s face but he quickly suppressed it down.

“Miss Jun. What do you mean by that? So many physicians have checked on Qu Ling Yue’s injuries and even Senior Feng’s diagnosis has confirmed it. By asking a question like that, don’t you think that it sounds rather strange?” The youth from the Thousand Beast City arched his eyebrow and turned to look at Jun Wu Xie. The fact that Qu Ling Yue had sustained injuries was now seen as an irrefutable fact and although they did not fully trust the physicians from the Yan Country, but the fact had also been verified by Feng Yue Yang as well and he it wasn’t possibly that he would get it wrong.

“Is that the truth?” Jun Wu Xie asked, her eyebrow raised up alarmingly.

“How can a brat like you be allowed to just continue to spout such nonsensical garbage here. How old are you? What would you know! ? Even if you do not believe in our medical skills, but Senior Feng is one among the three highly acclaimed Divine Doctors and he is able to diagnose any ailment or affliction accurately. You are in no position to come here and give your ignorant opinion!” Imperial Physician Li said in retort.

“Senior Feng, do you truly share the same opinion?” Jun Wu Xie turned to Feng Yue Yang to ask.

Feng Yue Yang deliberated on it a moment and said: “The people’s words have been unduly exaggerated. Although this old man had been given such an undeserving title by the people, I will not dare to claim that I am able to diagnose and detect every single ailment and affliction. But for our Young Miss’ current condition, this old man is still at least able to determine its cause, and I do not know why young Miss Jun would want to ask again.”

Jun Wu Xie replied: “If that is the case, let the truth speak for itself then.” With those words, she suddenly walked to go towards Qu Ling Yue’s bedside.

When Imperial Physician Li saw her actions, he immediately shouted: “What is that brat intending to do! ?”

Jun Wu Xie turned to glance at him. “ In regards to what you bunch of charlatans are not able to accomplish, I do not mind teaching you a thing or two.”

Imperial Physician Li’s eyes flashed with panic as he looked at Jun Wu Xie and he suddenly turned towards Xiong Ba.

“Hall Chief Xiong, are you really going to allow that brat to continue with this farce?”

Xiong Ba’s face creased into a frown. Although he did not believe that Jun Wu Xie with her young age would really hold medical knowledge that exceeded Feng Yue Yang, but it was a fact that Qu Ling Yue’s recovery had been linked to her. He could not help but hesitate a moment feeling highly torn and he turned to consult Feng Yue Yang cautiously: “My ignorant self does not know a thing about medicine. What does Senior Feng think could have caused our Young Miss’ condition to suddenly improve previously?”

Feng Yue Yang shook his head. According to his diagnosis, even if Qu Ling Yue’s condition had been handled by him right from the start, he would still need almost a year’s time to fully cure her. What they were talking about here was just within a mere day. In that short window of time, forget about a full recovery. Even if he was able to stabilise the condition of those injuries, but just to make her show any sign of improvement to her condition would already be extremely difficult.”

Having gotten Feng Yue Yang’s reply, Xiong Ba immediately stepped in to stand right before Jun Wu Xie, to block her way forward.

“I do not know from where you have come from, but the Young Miss of our Thousand Beast City would not be subjected to be given treatment by just anyone so carelessly. Young Miss, I will have to ask that you do not create a ruckus here or I will have to do it by force.” Even though doubt filled his heart, Xiong Ba could not allow just anyone to give treatment to Qu Ling Yue, especially when it is such a young little lass.

Jun Wu Xie looked at Xiong Ba with her brow slightly lifted, and the corners of her mouth curled up into a cold smile. Her eyes flashed and she said in a soft voice: “Do you think that just by standing here to block my way forward and I will be stopped?”

Xiong Ba was taken aback by the reply and before he could react, Jun Wu Xie suddenly lifted her right hand and several cold flashes of light shot out from her fingertips and flew towards Qu Ling Yue lying upon the bed in a blink!

“What have you done! ?” Xiong Ba shouted out in shock and rage, grabbing Jun Wu Xie by the front of her collar and lifted her up entirely.


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