GDBBM – Chapter 864

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Chapter 864 : “Guests from Beast City (3)”

He was all prepared to invite the guests in when a highly familiar looking horse carriage pulled up and stopped in front of the doors.

Lei Chen stepped out from the carriage and the figure of Jun Wu Xie suddenly appeared before everyone after. The youth from the Thousand Beast City had upon seeing Jun Wu Xie’s face, involuntarily widened his eyes.

“Your Highness Crown Prince…..” Jiang Ying Long stared strangely at Lei Chen who had appeared so suddenly. When his gaze fell on Jun Wu Xie, his brows creased up into a frown.

“Teacher Jiang.” Lei Chen nodded at Jiang Ying Long. He then seemed to suddenly notice the horse carriage that belonged to the Thousand Beast City parked at the side and he turned to look towards the doors and saw the huge towering figure of Xiong Ba standing there.

“Could this be the Thousand Beast City’s Hall Chief, Xiong Ba of the Raging Blaze Hall?” Lei Chen asked with great surprise.

Xiong Ba might have been furious, but he was no fool. Upon hearing Jiang Ying Long addressing the person who just arrived as “Your Highness Crown Prince”, he was aware of the other party’s identity. But as Qu Ling Yue had sustained injuries in the Yan Country’s Imperial Capital, Xiong Ba wasn’t willing to extend much courtesy to Lei Chen.

“I am.” Xiong Ba replied curtly.

“Hall Chief Xiong has traveled a long way and is an important guest of the Yan Country. I think Hall Chief Xiong is anxious to check on Ling Yue’s condition and I will not say anything more to delay Hall Chief Xiong from going to see Ling Yue. I came here with the same aim as Hall Chief Xiong, so let’s just proceed inside together.” Lei Chen said with a smile, his demeanor gentle and refined, his face showing a friendly smile, that would not displease anyone.

Xiong Ba was just anxious to go in to see Qu Ling Yue and he just nodded perfunctorily.

Jiang Ying Long’s face fell into a deep frown as he looked at Jun Wu Xie right behind Lei Chen. He looked like he was about to say something but finally decided against it, and just turned around to lead everyone towards Qu Ling Yue’s room.

At that moment in Qu Ling Yue’s room, Imperial Physician Li was sitting down with the other physicians engaged in a chat. He seemed to have said something rather interesting as the other physicians broke out into laughter. None of them had noticed in the slightest that the doors into the room had been pushed open and they continued to chatter on lightly.

“These are the physicians the Yan Country has prepared to care for our Young Miss?” The very instant that Xiong Ba entered the room, he was made to witness such a scene, and his rage immediately burned up in his chest.

Jiang Ying Long’s face stiffened and he could not find the words to reply. Neither had he expected they Xiong Ba would be presented with this scene when they came in.

Imperial Physician Li was talking to the others when he suddenly noticed Xiong Ba and the group behind him. He had not even taken the time to observe the looks of Xiong Ba and his men when his eyes were suddenly drawn to the figure of Jun Wu Xie. He jumped up at once and he said with a dark face: “What is this ignorant and arrogant girl doing here again today? Haven’t you created enough of a farce here? !”

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow and looked at Imperial Physician Li.

Imperial Physician Li was about to continue to say something else when the completely disregarded Xiong Ba suddenly exploded!

“A whole room full of physicians and they had the audacity to just leave our Young Miss alone there and gather themselves here to chat merrily among themselves! ? What is happening here! ?” Xiong Ba shouted in his loud voice, his eyes glaring at Imperial Physician Li in rage.

Having been shouted at, Imperial Physician Li quickly regained his senses and he was finally aware that besides Lei Chen and Jun Wu Xie, there were three other strangers with them.

The youth following behind Xiong Ba raised an eyebrow at the situation but he did not blow his top like Xiong Ba had. He immediately walked over to the bed and looked at the pale faced and frail looking Qu Ling Yue lying on the bed.

“Young Miss! What happened to you, Young Miss!” The youth’s face was sorrowful as he looked at the unconscious Qu Ling Yue who was not responding to his calls, his eyes filled with grief.


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