GDBBM – Chapter 857

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Chapter 857 : “Prison Visit (3)”

Lei Fan’s face was suddenly overtaken by a flash of vicious malice and under the dim candlelight in the prison, the handsome looking face took on a chilling appearance. He slowly took a few steps backwards, as his silhouette seemed to blend into the semi darkness. His eyes were staring deadly fixed on Jun Xie, as the pair of eyes glinted with hatred under the dim shadowy light.

“If you are not willing to believe me now, I will not hold it against you. I only wish that you can think it through quickly, as in two more days, the people from the Thousand Beast City will arrive here. If you wait till they get here, it will be already be too late. I’ll make a move first, and you should really consider it carefully as my offer will still stand.” After saying his piece, Lei Fan decided not to be stubborn and he immediately turned to leave the prison.

At the moment Lei Fan stepped out of the prison, the guard who had been waiting outside the prison immediately went up to him and Lei Fan suddenly raised up a foot and kicked the guard onto the ground!

“That scoundrel doesn’t know what’s good for himself! He really thinks he’s that great!” Lei Fan’s voice was heavily laced with venom and his eyes were filled with malice.

“Jun Xie, I had really not known that there was really such a scoundrel who didn’t know how to adapt to his circumstances! Already fallen into such dire straits and he still dared to refuse my generous offer. I have really allowed you to be too leisurely in prison.” Lei Fan cursed through tightly gritted teeth and he turned to the guard who was just getting up from the ground.

“Go tell the jailors to take good care of Young Master Jun. The torture equipment in the prison had been been used for a long time and they shouldn’t be left there to collect dust.”

The guard shivered and quickly left to run inside the prison to convey Lei Fan’s orders.

Lei Fan climbed into the horse carriage, a cold glint appearing in his eyes.

“You reject the proffered wine and chose to take the wine as punishment! I shall wait and see, whether the arrogance in those bones are able to stand up to the tortures in prison. That day will come that I will make you beg me!”


After Lei Fan left, Jun Wu Xie was sitting alone within her cell. Within the dimly lit jail, the little black cat silently leapt back in from outside without anyone noticing. As Lei Fan had stepped out from here, the tiny little black cat had leapt outside at the same time.


[Mistress, you’re in for it this time. That evil hearted Fourth Prince from earlier had just instructed the jailors here to take good care of your entertainment in here. I think by tomorrow, you will be experiencing the tortures they have here in this prison nice and proper.]

Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow raised up, but was not worried in the least.

“He just wants to force me to submit. Want to harm me? He first has to see if he has what it takes.” The corners of Jun Wu Xie’s mouth curled up chillingly. Even having been thrown in prison, she was not a piece of meat that was subject to anyone’s manipulation.


[I’m just asking Mistress, but when are you going to make your move?]

“No rush, favours shown to you must be reciprocated. Since they are taking such good care of me, I must make sure to return them the favour first.” Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly. She reached out her hand to carry the little black cat into her arms, her fingers running over the luxurious fur on the cat.


[Return his favour?]

Jun Wu Xie replied in a soft voice: “Aren’t people from the Thousand Beast City going to arrive?”


[That’s right.]

“The Thousand Beast City might not be as powerful as the biggest Yan Country’s might, but if they really do hold hatred for the Yan Country, even the Yan Country might not be able to easily withstand the torment that Thousand Beast City will be able to inflict on them.” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were lowered, a countless number of thoughts flying through her mind that lay hidden beneath her eyes.

It was still early, and she could still afford some time to slowly play with the Fourth Prince and the Emperor.

She only hoped that they would be able to hold out a little longer, or it would be a waste of her efforts for making arrangements to put up a good show for them.


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