GDBBM – Chapter 850

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Chapter 850 : “Peerless Genius Doctor (6)”

“Whether there is a conclusion shouldn’t be up to what a little girl like that should be questioning us about.” Imperial Physician Li said, his voice laced with contempt, not even looking at Jun Wu Xie at all, but speaking right at Lei Chen. “Your Highness, Miss Qu’s injuries are no mere child’s play and I, with all these other physicians, have exhausted our minds and poured in all our knowledge. I would like to ask that Your Highness does not add on to the turmoil we are facing.”

Lei Chen clenched his jaw hard, but he could not allow himself to blow.

Jun Wu Xie had however continued on: “If all you esteemed physicians feel that my young age makes me not credible, then maybe you can share with me your conclusions, and allow a junior to learn a thing or two from it.” Her eyes turned ever so slightly, her chin lifted a notch. “Or is it a fact that after all of you have studied and discussed for an entire night, there is still no conclusion?”

“What does a little naive girl like you know! You really think there is room for you to even speak here?” Imperial Physician Li retorted rudely.

“Oh? Since all of you are unwilling to speak up, why don’t I do the talking instead? And if there is anything that I say is incorrect, I will ask that anyone of you to please give me some pointers.” Jun Wu Xie said, standing up slowly, her cold gaze sweeping over everyone in the room.

“Miss Qu’s injury is inflicted upon the heart meridian, and judging from the symptoms, her heart meridian would seem like someone had used spirit power to shatter it, causing a chaotic flow in the body’s Qi and blood, resulting in an irregular heart rhythm. There are also varying degrees of damage in the other major meridians as the flow of spirit energy within the body is currently flowing uninhibited and is out of control where the scattered spirit energy is incessantly attacking at her vital organs and bowels, causing her injuries to turn more and more severe.” Jun Wu Xie proffered slowly. With those words, those physicians who had looked at her with undisguised contempt on their faces suddenly showed surprise in their eyes. Jun Wu Xie however, just continued on to say:

“Judging from Miss Qu’s current condition, you gentlemen should have used the Heart Origin Elixir to shield her heart meridian, and added ginseng, wolf poria, roasted licorice and thistle daisy as supplements, and further aided their effects with angelica, foxglove, white peony and lovage to vitalise the blood. The effects of these herbs are gentle and mild, suitable for stabilising Miss Qu’s injuries, and would not further burden her already frail and weakened body. Has everything that your junior said so far accurate?” Jun Wu Xie asked, raising her head as she finished, her gaze falling upon Imperial Physician Li.

After Jun Wu Xie concluded her diagnosis, the room was suddenly filled with hushed whispers. The eyes of the physicians who were looking at Jun Wu Xie were all filled with surprise and shock.

[The little girl had just entered the room for such a short period of time and she had only taken Qu Ling Yue’s pulse for a extremely brief moment. But she had just pointed out everything about Qu Ling Yue’s condition accurately and precisely. She had even been able to list out the elixir and all the herbs they had used one by one, without a single error! ] [That was just too incredibly unbelievable!]

The colour on Imperial Physician Li’s face suddenly turned a rather ugly shade. Never would he have thought it possible that the young girl before him would be able to make such an accurate diagnosis in such an impossibly short period of time! Even for someone like him who was a top ranked Imperial Physician so well versed in Medicine, would not be able to gather so many clues and indicators to make such an informed diagnosis. Being able to identify Qu Ling Yue’s injuries was not that difficult, what shocked him was that Jun Wu Xie had been able to even identify the kind of elixir and type of herbs that Qu Ling Yue had been given just from taking her pulse! Such an ability was really just too incredible.

“How did you know? Or did His Highness tell you?” Imperial Physician Li’s face was turning a little greenish tinge. Even if he was beaten to death, he refused to believe that Jun Wu Xie’s abilities went way beyond anyone of them had expected.

Jun Wu Xie looked straight at Imperial Physician Li and retorted: “And His Highness would know about all this? Or are you saying, someone among all of you here told it to His Highness?”

Jun Wu Xie’s single statement stuffed up all the men’s mouths.

They had all received the Imperial orders to come here and save Qu Ling Yue’s life. The moment they set foot in here, they had not taken a single step out of this place. Where would they find the chance to come into contact with the Crown Prince, and even tell Lei Chen about all of these?


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