GDBBM – Chapter 849

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Chapter 849 : “Peerless Genius Doctor (5)”

Jun Wu Xie stretched her hand out and her fingertips rested on Qu Ling Yue’s wrist.

“What are you doing?” Jiang Ying Long had since stepping past the room’s doors, had his eyes following Jun Wu Xie’s every action. When he noticed Jun Wu Xie getting close to Qu Ling Yue, he had already thought it suspicious. And when he saw Jun Wu Xie suddenly stretching her hand out to touch Qu Ling Yue, he immediately called out loudly.

With that shout, it had quickly made the eyes of all the others turn and they all saw an unparalleled peerless young beauty resting her hand on Qu Ling Yue’s wrist, seemingly taking her pulse.

“The young lady is?” One of the Imperial Physicians asked, looking quizzically at Lei Chen.

Lei Chen replied: “This young lady is the Young Miss of the Lin Palace from the Qi Kingdom. She had coincidentally come to our Yan Country on a leisure trip and I heard that she possesses rather exemplary skills in Medicine. I then thought of Qu Ling Yue’s condition and I invited her here to come have a look.” When Lei Chen said those words, the hands hidden within his sleeves were already clenched up into fists.

“Invited her to come have a look? Is what Your Highness is saying the truth?” The physicians were puzzled as they looked at Lei Chen and then turned to look at Jun Wu Xie, feeling that the situation was rather laughable.

They did not care about Jun Wu Xie’s identity. To think a young lass barely fifteen years of age would dare stand before an entire group of famous doctors like them and show herself up, was a joke in itself!

At that moment, the faces of several of the physicians darkened.

“If Your Highness feels that we are not up to the task, you can tell it to us straight. Is there a need to bring a young girl here to toy with us like this? We have all studied and discussed on Miss Qu’s condition for quite a time and are still unable to come up with a suitable treatment and for Your Highness to suddenly bring such a young girl still wet behind the ears here, aren’t you slapping all the faces of our esteemed doctors here?” The oldest Imperial Physician among them said in implied dissatisfaction.

Lei Chen turned his gaze upon the man and he was laughing coldly in his heart. The man was his Father’s personal Imperial Physician and Lei Chen hadn’t expected that his Father would send this man here.

That man’s position and status was unique and different from the other Imperial Physicians and even faced against Lei Chen, he wasn’t showing much deferment.

“Why would Imperial Physician Li say such a thing? I am merely just trying to play my part that’s all.” Lei Chen said.

Imperial Physician Li continued in a derisive tone: “Are you telling all of us we are already old and our eyesight’s failing? How old is this little girl? How much experience could she have had in the study of Medicine? How can Your Highness actually think that the little girl is able to help with Miss Qu’s injuries? If that’s true, aren’t you telling all the Imperial Physicians and revered doctors here that we are merely useless fools with empty titles? That we cannot even compare to a young girl of barely fifteen?”

Imperial Physician Li’s words immediately elicited several nods of agreement from the other physicians.

Lei Chen’s face was turning even darker. He was certain that Imperial Physician Li must have received instructions from the Emperor himself and that was why he dared to use an impudent tone against him.

“Miss Qu is the Young Miss of the Thousand Beast City and if anything happens to her in our Yan Country, no one will be able to answer to the Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City.  When the people of the Thousand Beast City arrive here, are we then supposed to tell them that the Yan Country’s Crown Prince had sent a young and ignorant little girl to provide treatment for their Young Miss? Your Highness, if word of this leaks out, don’t you think it sounds completely like a joke?” Imperial Physician Li was highly aggressive with his imperious words, not believing for a moment that Jun Wu Xie would know anything much about Medicine. What could such a young girl at that age possibly know?

Lei Chen was seething with anger towards Imperial Physician Li’s aggressive and challenging tone when Jun Wu Xie at the side suddenly opened her mouth to say: “After having diagnosed Miss Qu’s condition for so long, I wonder what have all of you concluded from it?”

Jun Wu Xie’s question had immediately turned everyone’s attention back onto her in an instant.

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