GDBBM – Chapter 845

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Chapter 845 : “Peerless Genius Doctor (1)”

When Jun Wu Xie was thrown in prison, Lei Chen ran all over the place, but the result had been disappointing. The Emperor had dismissed him away after saying just a few words and had not even allowed him to enter the prison, where Lei Chen was left worrying himself almost to madness in the Crown Prince’s Residence.

“Your Highness, disciples from the Zephyr Academy seeks an audience.”

Lei Chen was surprised a moment before he immediately said: “Bring them in quick.” before he quickly adjusted his clothes, trying to not look so wretched.

Qiao Chu brought with him another person covered in a black cloak as he stepped into Lei Chen’s study. Lei Chen looked questioningly at the figure beside Qiao Chu and quickly turned to Qiao Chu to say: “Young Master Qiao, did you come here today regarding the matter with Jun Xie?”

Qiao Chu scratched his head as he replied awkwardly: “You can put it that way.”

Lei Chen gave him a bitter smile: “I am really powerless. I had wanted to discuss with my Father about it but he did not even give me the chance to bring it up, and only warned me not to interfere with this matter. The news that Qu Ling Yue had gotten severely injured had spread to the Thousand Beast City and people from the Thousand Beast City will be arriving here soon.”

Lei Chen was getting rather depressed. Qu Ling Yue had also been another person he wanted to recruit and he had spared no effort recently to build closer relations with Qu Ling Yue. Who would have thought that such an incident would happen that had gotten Qu Ling Yue so severely injured that she had slipped into a coma and even Jun Xie had been dragged into it. That had made him extremely nervous and the Emperor had prohibited him from becoming involved, so he could do nothing but sit there and worry himself to death.

“How is Qu Ling Yue doing?” Qiao Chu glanced at the person beside him without being noticed as he asked.

Lei Chen sighed heavily. “Not good. The Imperial Physicians have treated her throughout the night but the effects have been minimal. I went to see her yesterday and she looked extremely frail. The physicians were only able to use all kinds of life extending elixirs to stabilise her heart and meridians but that could only be a temporary measure. If it continues to go on like this….. She might not survive this ordeal. And if anything happens to her, the people from the Thousand Beast City will never let little brother Jun off! The Thousand Beast City’s Chieftain has always been tyrannical and even a Crown Prince like me is deemed beneath his notice. I’m afraid I’m unable to rescue little brother Jun from his imprisonment.”

Qiao Chu nodded and glanced self consciously to the figure beside him once more before he said: “If it’s injuries you are talking about, I have here a genius doctor that I can recommend to Your Highness.”

“Oh? Really?” Lei Chen’s eyes lit up immediately.

Qiao Chu nodded and quickly pointed to the figure beside him to say: “Truth to be told, I came here today to bring you this person.”

Lei Chen’s gaze immediately turned to look upon the figure standing at the side. When the figure pulled the cloak off, a peerlessly beautiful face that could lay cities to ruin suddenly appeared before Lei Chen’s eyes. Just one glance and Lei Chen suddenly forgot to breathe. He gasped loudly, and his shocked eyes just could not move away from that person’s face.

As the Yan Country’s Crown Prince, he had seen countless beauties, but none as mesmerizing and soul grabbing as the young lady before him. Those eyes were like the Heaven’s greatest creation, absolutely flawless.

Lei Chen had always thought that Fu Xuan was beautiful, enchanting and alluring, Qu Ling Yue as well, like the lone orchid in a barren gorge. But the beauty of those two, could not be compared to the young lady standing before him. All the beauties that Lei Chen had in his memory had suddenly lost all colour.

“And this is…..” It was only after what seemed like an eternity before Lei Chen found back his voice. And with those three utterly simple words, it revealed a nervousness that even Lei Chen himself did not notice.

Jun Wu Xie silently observed Lei Chen’s shocked expression and her gaze was clear but cold.

“This lady here is the Young Miss, Jun Wu Xie, of the Lin Palace from the Qi Kingdom.” Qiao Chu introduced as he cleared his throat. Having not seen Jun Wu Xie’s real countenance for so long, he could not help himself but to steal a few more glances at her.

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