GDBBM – Chapter 844

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Chapter 844 : “Trumped Up Charges (5)”

Jun Wu Xie raised her head suddenly and stared right at Hua Yao who was at that moment still deep in thought.

“Brother Hua, have all of you finished your matches?”

Hua Yao nodded. Except for the unexpected incident at the first battle district today, all the other battle districts carried out all their matches and the winners from nine battles districts have been decided, with Hua Yao and the others, a total of five of them, gaining a spot among the top ten easily.

“How long more is it to the matches to determine the top ten rankings?” Jun Wu Xie asked next.

“Five more days.” Hua Yao said.

“Five days…..” Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes and immediately stood up. She walked over to the door of her cell and pulled out silver pin from under her hair. She reached her hands outside the cell and jiggled the pin around the lock’s keyhole briefly.

A click sounded crisply and the cell door swung open.

Qiao Chu and the others stood outside the jail cell, their mouths hanging open as they stood marveled and shocked at Jun Wu Xie’s lock picking skills.

“Little Xie….. When did you pick up such a skill?” Qiao Chu asked with a loud gulp. They had been all ready to smash the lock to open and Jun Wu Xie had so calmly opened the lock with just a tiny silver pin.

“I learnt it from a friend.” Jun Wu Xie said as she hid the pin back under her hair. She had picked up her lock picking skills from someone and it had been to allow her to come and go as she wished back at the organization. She had not thought that after being reborn in this world, she would be able to put it to such good use.

“That is just amazing!” Qiao Chu exhorted.

Jun Wu Xie did not think much of it and said: “I’m not that skilled. If it had been her, it wouldn’t have taken even three seconds…..” Jun Wu Xie’s voice trailed off as she spoke. She wiped away the emotion welling up in her heart and walked out of the cell.

“I thought you were not intending to leave this place?” Rong Ruo asked teasingly of Jun Wu Xie.

“I’m not leaving.” Jun Wu Xie replied, suddenly confusing everybody. She turned to look at Hua Yao. “Brother Hua, you stay here in my stead.”

“…..” Hua Yao was speechless with surprise and it took him awhile before he realised what Jun Wu Xie was saying.

“I need to go out in the day while Brother Hua will stay in the cell on my behalf and I’ll come back here at night.” Jun Wu Xie did not want to leave just like that and since someone wanted her to be locked in jail, how could she allow them to do as they wished?

“What do you intend to do?” Qiao Chu asked.

“In regards to what truly happened, Qu Ling Yue is the one person who knows best. Once she regains consciousness, the truth will be revealed, and they will have no more reason to keep me locked up in jail anymore.” Jun Wu Xie said, the corners of her lips curling up in a slight arc.

[Since they want to play, she would give them a good game.]

Having understood what Jun Wu Xie meant, Hua Yao did not probe further and immediately shifted and transformed the bones in his body, turning himself to look at Jun Xie.

Hua Yao’s personality was similarly cold and distant like Jun Wu Xie and with him consciously imitating Jun Wu Xie’s manner and expressions, it was really hard to tell them apart when they stood together.

“Are you going out now or tomorrow?” Hua Yao asked in a voice exactly like Jun Wu Xie’s.

Jun Wu Xie answered: “Tonight.”

Hua Yao nodded and walked into the jail cell without hesitation, even snapping the lock back in place in passing as he entered. Since the two of them were already dressed in the Zephyr Academy’s uniform, there wasn’t even a need to change.

While it was still dark and quiet, Jun Wu Xie quietly slipped out from the prison with Qiao Chu and the others. The two prison guards at the main doors into the prison were snoring in their sleep and were completely oblivious to the fact that the prisoner they had locked up in there had already been switched.

Soon after stepping out from the prison, Jun Wu Xie summoned Ye Sha.

“Make a trip into the Imperial Palace.” Jun Wu Xie told him.

Ye Sha nodded slightly, and his towering figure quickly disappeared into the darkness of the night.

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