GDBBM – Chapter 842

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Chapter 842 : “Trumped Up Charges (3)”

Night fell, and it was quiet within the jailhouse. Jun Wu Xie sat alone in her jail cell neither frustrated nor displeased, and she just sat there quietly, as quiet as she had always been like she would be in her own room. The jailors had come by to check on her twice and they had never seen anyone who had been caught and thrown into jail remain so calm. Jun Wu Xie’s completely unconcerned demeanor really made people forget her young age. But seeing the boy not causing any trouble, the jailors had not said much either.

Late into the night, the jailors could not fight off sleep any longer and several figures quietly slipped into the prison.

“I’ll say….. here you are squatting in jail. Aren’t you looking a little too leisurely in there?” Qiao Chu said, looking at Jun Wu Xie with an exasperated expression on his face. They had received the news not long after Jun Wu Xie had been arrested. The one who had delivered the news to them was one of the guards from the Crown Prince’s Residence. Although Lei Chen had not shown up himself, he had sent word of it to them.

Jun Wu Xie looked up lazily and stared at the several figures standing outside her cell.

Hua Yao, Qiao Chu, Fei Yan, Rong Ruo….. and even Fan Zhuo had followed them here.

“You guys are here.” Jun Wu Xie said calmly, not at all surprised at their sudden appearance.

“If we do not come here, are you intending to stay in there forever?” Qiao Chu asked, an eyebrow lifting up on his face. His eyes fell on the lock on the door in front of the cell and he said: “Little Yan, we’ll have to depend on you for that.”

Fei Yan glared at Qiao Chu and said in disdain: “If you do not call me by that damned Little Yan name, I think I might be a little more inclined to help.”

Qiao Chu shrugged his shoulders and Fei Yan immediately stretched out his hand and put it on the lock. He gathered his spirit power into his hands preparing to physically break the lock apart.

“I do not intend to go out.” Jun Wu Xie said as she looked at her companions who were all preparing to help her break out of jail. Although she was glad that they had come, she did not intend to leave this place at this moment.

“What?” Qiao Chu was shocked for a moment and Fei Yan who had gathered a good amount of spirit power into his hands had upon hearing Jun Wu Xie’s words, dispelled the spirit power gathered around his hands.

“Little Xie, did they torture you?” Qiao Chu asked anxiously as his eyes quickly surveyed Jun Wu Xie from head to toe. Only after ascertaining that Jun Wu Xie was completely unhurt did he sigh out in relief.

“You did not hit your head, why are you saying something so illogical? Don’t tell me you find this place more comfy than the Immortals’ Loft! ?”

Jun Wu Xie rolled her eyes at Qiao Chu.

“How is Qu Ling Yue?” Jun Wu Xie asked next.

“I went to take a look at her and her condition is not too optimistic. At this moment, all the physicians in the entire Imperial Capital had gone to the War Banner’s and even the Imperial Physicians have been activated. However, she is still in a coma and her injuries grave. Even in her coma, her vomiting of blood continues.” Fei Yan said, rubbing at his chin. He had secretly gone to the inn the War Banner Academy had been in to find out what the situation was like there and he found out that Qu Ling Yue was still lying in bed with her deathly pale face.

“Little Xie, do you have anything against that Qu Ling Yue? You had been rather brutal with her. If not for the life extending elixir that the War Banner Academy had given her, she should already be dead by now.” Qiao Chu said, looking mournfully at Jun Wu Xie, having never once doubted Jun Wu Xie’s cruel viciousness against her enemies.

“Even you think I did it?” Jun Wu Xie asked, her eyebrow coming up.

Qiao Chu froze in surprise and then asked hesitatingly: “You didn’t?”

Jun Wu Xie did not reply.

Actually, she should not blame Qiao Chu for assuming that. Jun Wu Xie had in the two previous missions with him been mercilessly ruthless and when he saw Qu Ling Yue in that barely alive state, it would be normal for Qiao Chu and the others to assume…..

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