GDBBM – Chapter 824

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Chapter 824 : “Don’t Ask for Death and You’ll Live (7)”

Zhao Xun was really afraid. He had never seen such a tyrannical youth, one that allowed absolutely no room for any manoeuvring, so harsh that one did not dare conceive any other deviant thoughts or inclinations.

“Speak.” Jun Wu Xie’s cold voice said.

Zhao Xun shivered and immediately spilled everything he knew.

It was revealed that Zhao Xun had met the black robed man the same night he had finished his draw for his next opponent while on his way back to their Academy’s allocated inn. That man had ordered a few men to have him abducted and he had not clearly stated his identity. The man had then told Zhao Xun that as long as he did what he was told, Zhao Xun would be able to gain everything that he wished for.

“He did not tell me who he was and told me to only address him as Lord. I saw that he wore good quality clothes, and moreover….. his subordinates were highly powerful. He then wanted me to spread rumours against the Crown Prince and I thought that he should be holding a rather high post as well…..” Zhao Xun said honestly, too terrified to harbour any thoughts of subterfuge. He had initially been suspicious of the black robed man’s identity as not many people in the Yan Country possessed the capability to go against the Crown Prince afterall. But when he found out that his fate would end in the same manner as the previously murdered contestant if he did not adhere to his orders, Zhao Xun did not dare probe anymore into it.

“He had said, if I do not do as what he had ordered, I can forget about walking out of the Yan Country alive! I really did not dare defy him!” Zhao Xun said still in tears.

Jun Wu Xie did not give him any reply and merely lowered her eyes as she thought over all that Zhao Xun had said. Zhao Xun’s answer had been rather close to what she had guessed. If the culprit’s intentions were to use the Spirit Battle Tournament to drag Lei Chen off the horse, his mentality should be highly similar to the Qi Kingdom’s previous Emperor. With Zhao Xun’s humble status, he would not have met the mastermind directly. Hence, the Lord that Zhao Xun had mentioned was probably just a henchman of the person at the top.

“Brother Hua.” Jun Wu Xie called suddenly.

Hua Yao stepped forward from the side.

“Have you taken a good look at his countenance?” Jun Wu Xie asked, pointing at Zhao Xun on the ground.

Hua Yao turned and carefully scrutinized Zhao Xun once over before he turned back around and said: “I have.”

Jun Wu Xie slowly nodded and turned to look at Zhao Xun once more, and her cold chilly voice sounded.

“You can die now.”

Zhao Xun was shocked and he hastily tried to get up. “I….. I have told you everything….. I have revealed all that I know….. Why….. You cannot….. cannot kill…..”

Zhao Xun had not had time to finish his sentence when Qiao Chu who was standing behind him suddenly clasped his hands over his chin and over his head and gave a mighty twist!

A sharp crack sounded and Zhao Xun’s neck had been effortlessly snapped in two…..

Zhao Xun slipped limply onto the ground into a motionless heap. Even upon the moment of his death, he still had not realised how merciless and vicious Jun Wu Xie could become, who had order for his life to be extinguished without the slightest hesitation.

“Tsk tsk. Little Xie, you wanted him killed just like that, so how should be handle the situation from here?” Qiao Chu asked, rubbing at his chin as he stared at the motionless heap before him.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed. “I don’t like being framed like this.”

Instead of wasting time having to deal with trash like that, it would be easier to just kill them off, clean and easy.

Qiao Chu shrugged. Jun Wu Xie’s show of resolute determination to unhesitatingly rid herself of her enemies here made Qiao Chu think back to Jun Wu Xie’s “gentle” and passive demeanor back at the Zephyr Academy then. Those guys back at the Zephyr Academy must have been piously burning their joss sticks.

“Since the opponent is not giving us a way out, then we do not have to show them any mercy. I would really like to see how will emerge victorious this round.” Jun Wu Xie said coldly. Since they had already formed an alliance with Lei Chen, and the Yan Country’s Emperor was continuing to play in such a manner, she was only too willing to tangle with him!”


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