GDBBM – Chapter 811

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Chapter 811 : “Retreat in Order to Advance”

When Lei Chen woke up, it was already the morning of the next day. When he got out of bed,  he summoned the servants to help him wash up and changed his clothes.

“Has Young Master Jun and his companions awakened?” He had not gotten this tipsy since a long time ago and Lei Chen was still feeling a throbbing in his head.

“They are awake.”

Lei Chen nodded and ordered for the servants to invite Jun Xie and his companions to have breakfast together.

In the dining room, Jun Wu Xie and the others had already arrived. Lei Chen arrived just a little later and when he saw Jun Xie and the others, his face lit up with joy.

“Did my guests sleep well last night?”

“Very well.” Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“That’s good. I have not had any guests stay over at the Crown Prince’s Residence for quite a while and I was afraid that I might have not arranged things adequately and made all of you uncomfortable.” Lei Chen said with a laugh.

Qiao Chu glanced at Lei Chen discreetly and slipped over to stand beside Hua Yao. In a voice that was only audible to the two of them, Qiao Chu said: “Brother Hua, what do you think Little Xie will do next?”

Hua Yao shook his head.

What happened last night had upset all of Jun Wu Xie’s plans. After they went back to their rooms, they did not know if Jun Wu Xie had thought up other plans for them.

As the others were thinking what they were to do next, Jun Wu Xie spoke at that moment: “Your Highness, in regards to the rumours that swept through the Imperial Capital yesterday, what are you intending to do about it?”

Lei Chen was taken aback a moment, never expecting that Jun Xie would bring up the topic regarding the rumour today.

“That….. I will naturally send people to clarify the entire situation. I will see to it that little brother Jun will not have to worry.”

Jun Wu Xie looked expressionlessly at Lei Chen and her eyes swept over the servants standing at the sides of the room. “Can I ask that Your Highness dismiss the servants? I have things that I would like to say to you.”

Lei Chen saw the gaze that Jun Xie gave him and immediately understood what she meant, his heart suddenly taking a leap. Thinking that Jun Xie had something private to talk to him about, he immediately ordered all the servants to be dismissed and close the door tight behind them as they went out.

“What does little brother Jun need from me? It is safe to speak now.” Lei Chen’s face was filled with gentleness and smiles, though his heart was getting anxious and nervous. He had repeatedly tried to win the disciples from the Zephyr Academy over to his side but they had never showed any enthusiasm towards him. They had suddenly initiated for a meeting yesterday to come visit him at the Crown Prince’s Residence but it had turned out that they were here because of the rumours running amok in the Imperial Capital. He had initially been worried that those rumours would have caused Jun Xie and the others who were working towards rebuilding their academy’s glory to be displeased but from the way things were looking now, it might not be as bad as he had thought.

Seeing the highly anticipating smile on Lei Chen’s face, Jun Wu Xie asked him slowly: “Does Your Highness know who was the person who started the rumours?”

Lei Chen froze. He had assumed that Jun Xie had asked for the servants to be dismissed because he had wanted to discuss about an alliance or was intending to serve under his banner but Jun Wu Xie was instead still talking about the rumours and that had made Lei Chen involuntarily shown a flash of perplexity to show in his eyes briefly.

He knew very well who the culprit was but he was not able to share it with anyone in detail.

“That is still currently being investigated and the culprit behind it has not yet been identified.”

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were lowered as she sipped at her tea, the fragrance rolling around in her mouth. She lifted her head slowly and her eyes chill as an autumn’s lake turned to look at Lei Chen.

“The rumours have affected our Zephyr Academy and in order to not let it drag the academy’s name down, my companions and I should not be frequently seen to be in close contact with Your Highness.”

Lei Chen’s heart dropped and hit the ground with a thud. Was Jun Xie severing ties with him now? ! The moment that thought had entered his head, Lei Chen panicked. He could not do without these guys from the Zephyr Academy at that moment.

“Little brother Jun that would not help anybody. I have always treated all of you from the Zephyr Academy courteously and with respect. Why would little brother Jun want his own plans to change just because of untrue rumours spread by others?” Lei Chen said hurriedly.


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