GDBBM – Chapter 812

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Chapter 812 : “Retreat in Order to Advance (2)”

“Moreover, regarding this matter, I am looking into dealing with it very soon and I would ask for little brother Jun to rest assured, that the matter will end very soon. I will ensure that the incident does not affect the Zephyr Academy as I know the Zephyr Academy’s position now is rather sensitive and the matter will not escalate any further.” There was a slight tinge of panic on Lei Chen’s face and his tone sounded a little flustered.

Fan Zhuo noticed all the signs that told of Lei Chen agitated response and he glanced at Jun Wu Xie discreetly out of the corner of his eyes. They had just found out that the map was in the hands of the Emperor of the Yan Country last night and for them to have a chance to get closer to the Emperor, they only had Lei Chen as the only link. But Jun Wu Xie had instead said those words to Lei Chen, which clearly showed the companions that they were taking the stance of wanting to sever all ties with the Crown Prince.

The contradicting stance from yesterday and today caused Fan Zhuo to raise any eyebrow and his eyes to flash with interest, confident that Jun Wu Xie had another motive in mind.

Nevertheless, Jun Wu Xie continued to ask unhurriedly: “Will this matter really end just like that?” As she spoke, her eyes looked up. The cold chill in her gaze looked directly, unwavering at Lei Chen.

The words in his mind that Lei Chen was about to say choked up in his throat. That pair of eyes, had seemingly seen through everything.

“Within the Imperial Capital of the Yan Country itself, to be able to spread rumours detrimental to Your Highness, the Crown Prince, that person’s identity must be someone with an extraordinary background. Don’t you think? If Your Highness really has a way to deal with it, you wouldn’t be in such a passive state of affairs now. Does the Crown Prince really not know who the culprit is? Or….. Are you afraid to say it?” Jun Wu Xie’s voice was gently warm but edged with a slight tinge of chill, and on that cold morning, those cold words could almost be physically felt.

Lei Chen’s eyes widened as he stared at disbelief at Jun Xie. Every word that Jun Xie was saying, all seemed to be….. telling him that Jun Xie knew something behind all this…..


Every action that that person had taken, beside the Grand Adviser and himself, it was not possible that anyone else would know about it. Just how long had Jun Xie been here in the Imperial Capital? And Jun Xie had never even met that person before, how would he know anything about this?

“What is little brother Jun saying? I do not really understand.” Lei Chen laughed awkwardly, trying to avert his eyes, unable to look into Jun Xie’s eyes, that seemed to look through everything they saw.

Jun Wu Xie did not mind Lei Chen avoiding her. “If this was about anything else, I will not even be bothered to ask. But as the matter concerns our Zephyr Academy, Your Highness’ decision would also directly affect the name and reputation of the Zephyr Academy. Moreover, I sincerely do not believe that there is much Your Highness can do against that person.”

Lei Chen’s heart raced. His eyes were locked on the redwood at the edge of the table, as waves of emotion swept and billowed within them after hearing Jun Xie’s words.

“If Your Highness is genuinely keen to be friends with us, then there is no need to hide. If we are to be allied, certain things are better if they are clearly stated, so that we can collaborate and think of a way to resolve the situation.” Jun Wu Xie’s words took a sudden turn, her hook baited and line thrown out.

Lei Chen immediately turned and stared at Jun Xie, a strange expression on his face.

“You guys are willing to help me?”

An eyebrow on Jun Wu Xie’s face raised up: “For what other reason would Your Highness think we are all still sitting here with you?”

Lei Chen could feel even single cell within his body boiling and surging. He fought very hard to contain himself and the excitement that threatened to overwhelm him. “Why? Little brother Jun had not seemed to be very interested in working with me, that much was at least obvious to me, so why have you changed your mind?”

Jun Wu Xie replied: “The whole incident just irks me. If the matter was only directed at Your Highness, I would naturally not probe too much. But since the other party has dragged the Zephyr Academy into the picture, we would not just take this lying down.”

Lei Chen immediately shot to his feet and his eyes were aflame. He turned his head and looked around, making sure that the doors and windows were all securely shut. Once that was done, he turned his eyes back and his gaze turned serious as he slowly looked at every single one of the youths sitting at the table, one after another, seemingly searching for something…..

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