GDBBM – Chapter 790

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Chapter 790: “Battle Begins (5)”

“Truly like a cracked pot who smashes itself. Knowing that he stands no chance of winning, he is not even going to observe the basic formalities?” Some of the youths said sneeringly. They were some among them who knew for sure they wouldn’t be able to survive the first round of the Spirit Battle Tournament, but no matter how weak they were, they at least wouldn’t have left in such a blatant fashion.

That would only show up one’s own helplessness and staying behind would at least allow one to gain some experience even if it was impossible for them to gain victory but still learn a few things from their experience in this Spirit Battle Tournament.

To see someone acting like Jun Wu Xie did, leaving without even watching a single match, was unheard of.

“Ha ha. I don’t think he means to be rude, but having drawn the same number as Senior Lin, he must have been too terrified to stay here a moment longer that’s all.” A skinny youth who was sitting close to the disciple from the Dragon Slayers Academy said loudly immediately, when he saw Jun Wu Xie walking out of the arena, wanting himself to be heard and to show his admiration for someone like the disciple from the revered Dragon Slayers Academy.

“Senior Lin must have terrified him so badly. I am guessing when it is time for him to get onto that stage, he might just give up without a fight and forfeit straightaway.” Another youth said just as loudly, refusing to lose out in their shameless bootlicking.

They were from a small time academy and they knew the powers they held were meagre and insignificant in here, making it impossible for them to achieve any result that they would be proud of. Hence, they were thinking to butter up the disciples from the bigger and more prestigious academies and hope that they would be able to gain some spillover benefits in future by associating with these elites. Qu Ling Yue from the elite War Banner Academy was female and if they approached her in such a bold manner, they might just get a slap across their faces for their efforts, so the Dragon Slayers Academy had been their best choice here, which could be seen by the number of disciples surrounding the disciple from the Dragon Slayers Academy, all eager to get them themselves closer to him.

A twitch started to pull at the side of Lin Qi’s mouth as he looked at the big group of disciples around him who were praising him to the skies, but he couldn’t seem to find a sliver of joy or glee in his heart.

[What basic formalities are they talking about? That monster just couldn’t even be bothered to waste his time on this competition alright? In the eyes of a green spirit, a bunch of red spirits and orange spirits were just like kids playing childish games to him! It was all just a waste of time!]

Lin Qi found that he did not even have tears as he tried to maintain a cool front as from every direction around him, his ears could hear all the undisguised and blatant flattery. If this was on any other day, he would have just laid back and enjoyed basking in all the adoration heaped onto him, but at that moment….. he really wasn’t in the mood at all.

He did not doubt for a moment, after his battle with Jun Wu Xie, how sad a situation he would then be in!

Slapped down in public by a green spirit!

All this flattery and praise today, would only throw him deeper into the abyss after the day that Jun Wu Xie was done toying with him.

Just thinking about it made him see what a tragedy that would soon become.

With the thought that in just a few days, he would be tormented and humiliated by Jun Wu Xie right before everyone’s eyes, Lin Qi really could not make himself remain in the battle arena a moment longer. Having to face Jun Wu Xie had already almost made him want to kill himself and when he thought back to what had happened back at the Crown Prince’s Residence where he and his fellow disciples had gone to pick a fight with Jun Wu Xie, he was really afraid that Jun Wu Xie would remember it and take it out on him in the match! When he came to that conclusion, Lin Qi really could not make himself sit still anymore. He jumped up from his seat immediately and ran madly in pursuit of Jun Wu Xie’s back.

[That must not happen! I must at least try to save myself!]

Lin Qi’s sudden and hurried departure caused another furore to sweep over the disciples. And before the heated voices in debate had even subsided, Qu Ling Yue had suddenly stood up and ran out of the arena as well.

With the three people leaving in quick succession, it caused the youths in the first district battle arena to feel puzzled and confused. They stared at each other questioningly a moment, before turning their eyes back to focus on the battle stage in front of them.


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