GDBBM – Chapter 789

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Chapter 789: “Battle Begins (4)”

The youth’s eyes were opened wide as he he stared at Jun Wu Xie who was slowly making her way forward to draw her lot. The expression on his face was one not of joy, but of such utter dismay that he almost wanted to cry!

[What kind of a joke was that! ?] [Why must I be drawn to fight that demonic monster! ?]

When he thought back to the day of the banquet at the Crown Prince’s Residence, where he and several other fellow disciples had smugly sauntered up to Jun Xie in the garden to pick a fight with him but ended up being frightened so badly they ran away with their tails between their legs, the images going through his mind were telling him that his fate with this year’s Spirit Battle Tournament had as good as concluded right from this moment!

[That kid that is a green spirit for goodness sake! A GREEN spirit!] [What can a puny little orange spirit like him do against that monster?]

At that moment, what the youth felt most like doing was to cry.

If he was asked who would be the opponent he least wanted to fight with in this first round of the district battle, it wouldn’t be Qu Ling Yue! It would be none other than this demonic monster who had progressed so incomprehensibly and maniacally quickly in his spirit power cultivation!

The others did not know of Jun Wu Xie’s power, but the several unfortunate ones from the Dragon Slayers Academy had had the opportunity to witness Jun Wu Xie’s spirit power level. And this supposed privileged information had however caused the disciple from the Dragon Slayers Academy want to smash his head against the wall to save himself the agony!

If he was not aware of Jun Wu Xie’s spirit power level, he might very well be thinking the same thing as all the others were, becoming highly pleased that he would soon crush his opponent gaining himself an easy victory. But…..

He was thinking that one that would be easily crushed, would definitely be himself! !

The disciple from the Dragon Slayers Academy could only cry in his heart, his face pale. That very same wretched expression on his face was however took on another meaning to all the other youths…..

“As expected, disciples of the Dragon Slayers Academy would feel that it’s beneath them to be given such an unfair advantage to them. Look, that guy’s face has even turned green! He must be outraged that his opponent is such a weak little one and there is no challenge.” One youth whispered “sagely”, peeking at the pale faced disciple of the Dragon Slayers Academy.

And the youth next to him was seen to be nodding in agreement.

“The Dragon Slayers Academy do not care for such luck. From what I can see, besides the War Banner Academy’s Qu Ling Yue, he does not think anyone else here as a befitting opponent. Having to battle such a pint sized brat like that, might very well be the greatest insult you can throw at him.”

The group of yakking youths were ignorant of the truth, as they continued exhorting the formidable prestige of disciples from the Dragon Slayers Academy, not knowing….. that the poor guy’s heart was already bleeding inside.

[You guys must be joking…..] [After the fight, the one humiliated will be him!]

As everyone on the ground were all feeling that Jun Wu Xie was undoubtedly doomed to lose, the disciple from the Dragon Slayers Academy was feeling highly sorry for himself, while another person was feeling rather nervous on Jun Wu Xie’s behalf.

After the drawing of lots was concluded, the battles were to begin with the pair of contestants who had drawn the number one, while the rest of them would watch from the sides.

Being the first ones to take the stage was highly unnerving for any of them. Under extreme pressure, when the two contestants walked up on stage, their shoulders were seen to be trembling visibly as the spectators all searched for a place to sit down. For those who drew the higher numbers, they knew that their turn would not come this day and they would basically not be battling, but they still did not leave the arena as they wanted to remain to watch the matches, to have a better understanding of the power and forms of attack the advancing disciples use, as any of the disciples who advanced to the next round, might very well turn out to be their next opponent.

Know yourself, know thy enemy. That was an age old adage that would not change.

However, just as the first battle had just barely begun, Jun Wu Xie suddenly walked towards the arena’s exit, looking completely unconcerned with needing to understand future potential opponents.

Jun Wu Xie’s departure had been noticed by many of the spectators crowded around the battle stage. With her being the only one in the entire battle arena leaving, it just couldn’t be any more highly conspicuous.

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