GDBBM – Chapter 785

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Chapter 785: “Banquet (12)”

As they stepped on moonshine to leave the Crown Prince’s Residence, Qiao Chu gave his arms a good stretch as he turned his head to look at Jun Wu Xie.

“How is it? Did you manage to find anything?” To Qiao Chu, the entire banquet had been most boring to the extreme. Those gyrating sultry dancers really were not his type and when compared to the Jun Family’s sibling pair’s unparalleled and flawless beauty, no one of common attractiveness would be able to catch their eye anyway.

Jun Wu Xie raised her head and looked up at the full moon in the night sky. “Little Black had not detected any signs of people from the Twelve Palaces in the Crown Prince’s Residence.”

Although the Crown Prince’s Residence was expansive, it wasn’t a place that allowed people to roam freely everywhere. And to avoid startling the enemy, Jun Wu Xie had gotten the black cat to investigate the Crown Prince’s Residence and the result the little black cat had slightly reassured them. Throughout the entire Crown Prince’s Residence, it had not discovered anyone that it suspected was from the Twelve Palaces. That seemed to be telling them that although Lei Chen was in contact with one of the Twelve Palaces, their circumstances was similar to the situation back at the Qing Yun Clan, where they only linked up with Lei Chen occasionally and did not remain around Lei Chen.

This piece of news was a rather good start for Jun Wu Xie and her companions as without having the people from the Twelve Palaces being in the Yan Country’s Capital city, it would have it easier for them to carry out the plans they had in mind.

“We are going to wait till the Spirit Battle Tournament ends before we make our move?” Fan Zhuo asked, looking at Jun Wu Xie. After being sure that Lei Chen did not have anyone from the Twelve Palaces around him, they could actually act anytime they wanted. The fact that Jun Wu Xie was still holding back must be because of the Zephyr Academy…..

Jun Wu Xie nodded. Although she had not spent that long a period in the Zephyr Academy where she had really learnt something, but the Spirit Healing Technique was genuinely highly useful to her. Irregardless whether it was for Gu Li Sheng or for the two Fan Brothers, she felt that she needed to at least provide the Zephyr Academy with another opportunity to rise up once again. If they acted before the Spirit Battle Tournament, they would end up being unable to remain in the Yan Country to take part in the competition and the Zephyr Academy would be deprived of this one chance to within a short period of time, return itself to its former glory.

She was doing this all because she wanted to return Gu Li Sheng his favour, and also to resolve one of Fan Zhuo’s deepest worries.

“Would anything unexpected occur? If the people from the Twelve Palaces were to suddenly appear, wouldn’t it make it hard for us to act then?” Hua Yao asked with a slight frown on his face. Although he understood Jun Wu Xie’s concerns, but with the incident back at the Qing Yun Clan as a precedence, he was worried that even though that no one from the Twelve Palaces was at the Crown Prince’s Residence at the moment, that did not guarantee that they would not subsequently suddenly appear. If they encountered those people another time, the results might be dire.

“We won’t.” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

“In regards to the circumstances at the Qing Yun Clan and the Zephyr Academy, the people from the Twelve Palaces would only make an appearance to urge when the other party did not take any action towards the Heaven’s End Cliff. But we had met with team that Lei Chen had earlier sent there, and that proves that the Twelve Palaces has already linked up with him and they had already achieved their goals. Before they gain any news to give them a better understanding of the Dark Emperor’s tomb, they will not appear.” Jun Wu Xie had only dared to push back their plans because she had already analysed the situation.

She would never put the lives of this bunch of people at risk that easily.

“With Jun Wu Xie’s words, Hua Yao did not have any other concerns and he was also of the same mind that if they could help the Zephyr Academy get back to its feet as well, it would be an excellent result for them as well.

The bunch of youths returned to the Immortals’ Loft under the bright moonlight, and compared to this group of calm and collected youths here, the other youths who were returning from the Crown Prince’s Residence were all highly fired up. The stronger ones were anticipating the day the Spirit Battle Tournament would begin, where they would be able to show off their skills which would ultimately gain them opportunities for endless fame and fortune!

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