GDBBM – Chapter 776

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Chapter 776: “Banquet (3)”

The person who spoke was not just anybody, but the current Second Prince Lei Yuan. The reigning monarch of the Yan Country had a total of four sons, with the Crown Prince among them the son of the reigning Empress. As the Second Prince and the Third Prince were born from Imperial Concubines, their stations and statuses were naturally not comparable to that of the Crown Prince Lei Chen. Moreover, Lei Chen was the eldest son and he was the most talented one among the princes, so his position was highly rock solid. Although the Yan Country’s youngest Prince was not born from the Empress, but as his biological mother had met with an early demise, he was brought up by the Empress from young.

The banquet this year was hosted by the Crown Prince Lei Chen and the other princes had been invited to join in. The banquet had yet to begin and only Lei Yuan was present at that time. Lei Yuan’s rotund body looked rather massive and the chubby flesh on his face had squeezed his actually considerably attractive features together and distorted them. Even when dressed in a beautiful brocade robe, not an ounce of nobility or grandeur could be seen on him, but a sense of vulgarity or wretchedness was instead obvious.

Lei Yuan’s voice had not been soft when he said it and the seated youths surrounding them could hear him clearly. When they heard those words, they laughed among themselves. They did not think that the current Zephyr Academy still deserved such favoured treatment and Lei Chen’s actions greatly confused them, while being were in complete agreement with Lei Yuan instead.

“Do not utter such nonsense my Second Royal Brother.” Lei Chen said, staring at Lei Yuan and shaking his head, looking displeased with Lei Yuan’s discourteous outburst.

But Lei Yuan seemed to be not in agreement with his brother as his gaze swept over Jun Wu Xie and the others, his eyes filled with utter contempt.

“My Royal Elder Brother is being too kind, be careful that your easygoing personality might be taken advantage of by others seeking to get close to you to gain from it”

Lei Chen gave Lei Yuan an admonishing glare before turning to look apologetically at Jun Xie, as if he was apologising on Lei Yuan’s discourtesy.

Jun Wu Xie swept her eyes over the two brothers of the Lei Family, her gaze exceptionally calm. She showed not the slightest sign of joy at Lei Chen’s favoured treatment, nor did she look like she was needled by Lei Yuan’s sarcastic anger, remaining calm as a placid lake.

Jun Wu Xie did not think that Lei Chen was being genuinely kind to the Zephyr Academy. As the Crown Prince, it was impossible that he wasn’t aware of the dire straits the Zephyr Academy was currently in. The Zephyr Academy’s recent tumultuous affairs had already put them in the centre of attention and the Crown Prince was still intentionally showering them with special treatment before all these people from the other academies. This was obviously not a just a simple show of polite courtesy, but an act designed to push the Zephyr Academy into the eye of another storm! If Lei Chen had not done it this way, it would not have brought about Lei Yuan’s subsequent sarcasm.

It seemed that this Crown Prince, wasn’t much of a saint as well.

Jun Wu Xie was still a sea of calm and she could faintly feel several pairs of burning eyes fixed upon her. She turned her head to look into that direction and saw several youths dressed in the uniform of the Dragon Slayers Academy seated not far away, staring at her with great resentment and discontent. Jun Wu Xie merely swept her calm gaze over them very briefly and turned away.

When Lei Chen had gone to the Immortals’ Loft previously, that had greatly riled up people from the Dragon Slayers Academy. So, when the disciples from the Dragon Slayers Academy saw Jun Wu Xie and her companions now, their eyes were so filled with burning rage and hatred like they had just seen their worst enemies.

If the Zephyr Academy was still in its previous glory, they might have been more forgiving towards them, but because of an academy that was on the verge of collapse, Lei Chen had instead publicly snubbed them for that trashy place. They did not dare to hold it against Lei Chen, so they had directed all their bottled up burning rage against the disciples of the Zephyr Academy here.

“Those few are from the Zephyr Academy?”

“They look so soft and fluffy, every inch the type that’s nice to look at, but in reality, completely useless.” Several disciples from the Dragon Slayers Academy said in a jerring sneer. They did not lower their voices as they spoke, in fact, they seemed to want Jun Wu Xie and the others to hear them.

The banquet had not even begun and the air was already smoking with the smell of gunpowder.


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