GDBBM – Chapter 775

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Chapter 775: “Banquet (2)”

It was now rather obvious, that the seating arrangement for this year’s banquet was based on the various academies’ might. But even when that was the case, there wasn’t much that people could pick on, but it was not known whether it was arranged like this only this year, or had it been like this every year.

The servant led Jun Wu Xie and her companions towards the seats beside Lei Chen, and it ended up that the seats for the Zephyr Academy were directly beside Lei Chen. That greatly surprised many people as they all knew that the Zephyr Academy was no longer like before. But the fact that Lei Chen would still extend to them such favoured treatment was beyond many of the people’s expectations.

“Oh, little brother Jun, you’re here.” When Lei Chen saw Jun Xie, he actually stood up to welcome him, and that action caused many attendees at the banquet to reel with shock!

Many of them had noticed earlier, when the disciples from the Dragon Slayers Academy and the War Banner Academy had arrived , Lei Chen had merely nodded to them in acknowledgement and he had not shown the slightest inclination to stand up. And this time, Lei Chen had not only stood up in person, but he had even called out to his “little brother Jun”!

At that moment, everyone’s eyes were all suddenly focused on Jun Xie, who was receiving extraordinarily favoured treatment from the Crown Prince, Lei Chen.

All the people found themselves looking at a petite and delicate youth, with a cold and distant demeanor. The eyes blatantly scrutinised Jun Xie from head to toe throughout, obviously not thinking much of the little brat in the slightest.

That pint sized kid seemed to be only barely fourteen or fifteen, skinny and frail looking, and did not even possess any good looks. Just what did Lei Chen see in that puny brat?

For those youths who had resolved to get themselves noticed by the Crown Prince so as to soar and enjoy success beyond all their peers were suddenly feeling rather dejected. For all their tireless efforts they had put in trying to please and win the Crown Prince’s favour, they had only won a nod and a smile from Lei Chen. But the insufferable little brat had shown up with a damned face filled with disdain and Lei Chen was instead showering him with such courteous attention!

At that very moment, the youths who had wanted to fawn and grovel upon Lei Chen quickly developed a deep and intense enmity against Jun Xie subconsciously.

However, Jun Wu Xie merely looked briefly at Lei Chen expressionlessly, and did not react in the slightest towards Lei Chen’s “warm reception”, turning her eyes away after just a glance at him.

Lei Chen did not mind Jun Wu Xie’s lack of response. He had specially ordered for people to go investigate on Jun Xie, and those disciples who had left the Zephyr Academy had confirmed that Jun Xie had always possessed that icy cold personality, even back when they had been at the Zephyr Academy, he had been the same. Lei Chen had even heard stories from those disciples of the little kid’s “legendary exploits” in the Zephyr Academy.

When gravely misunderstood, he did not argue or dispute the fact, and when he soared and excelled, he continued to remain low profile and silent.

Lei Chen knew that people who knew of the Spirit Healing Technique were few and very rare throughout the lands, and the faculty Gu Li Sheng founded and ran accepted an extremely small number of disciples. Moreover, those disciples’ understanding of Spirit Healing itself was barely adequate, except for Jun Xie. He had been good enough for Gu Li Sheng to publicly praise his talent! That irrefutably proved the value and talent of the kid.

For someone worth his time to try to recruit, Lei Chen did not mind them having strange temperaments and personalities.

As long as they were of good use, everything else can be discussed.

Qiao Chu and the others took their seats as well. As only the participants for the Spirit Battle Tournament were invited to come to this banquet, the entire banquet hall was fined mainly with young and exuberant youths.

When Lei Chen saw Jun Xie taking his seat, Lei Chen went back to his seat as well. Sitting next to Lei Chen, was a fat and wide lavishly dressed man. He suddenly leaned close to Lei Chen and said: “Why must my Royal brother be so courteous to the people from the Zephyr Academy? The Zephyr Academy had already fallen into such a sad state, and you would have been seen as highly benevolent if you even give them some space here at the banquet, why do you still need to treat them so politely?”

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