GDBBM – Chapter 745

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Chapter 745: “The Aftermath (1)”

“I’m really amazed at how Brother Hua looks now. He looks exactly just like Fan Jin.” Qiao Chu said, pulling Hua Yao to come before Jun Wu Xie, completely failing to notice that the smile on Jun Wu Yao’s face had somewhat changed, and even failing to see that Ye Sha and Ye Mei at the side were looking at him with a look showing they were silently mourning for him.

The Fan Jin that had appeared in the Zephyr Academy earlier today had been Hua Yao who impersonated him. The real Fan Jin was still lying in bed back at the inn, being watched over by Wen Xin Han.

To fully squash Ning Rui, Fan Jin and Fan Zhuo needed to appear at the same time and that was the reason Jun Wu Xie asked for Hua Yao to go meet them at Chan Lin Town.

Hua Yao was highly skilled at his Bone Shifting ability and with Jun Wu Xie’s help, they were able to perfectly impersonate anyone they wanted, without being found out.

Not even in his dreams, would Ning Rui ever expect, that the Fan Jin who had appeared right before him, was in fact an imposter.

“You got the map?” Jun Wu Xie asked, her eyes on Qiao Chu.

Qiao Chu smirked, looking mighty pleased, as he pulled out a brocade box, and opened it to show a map made out of human skin.

Jun Wu Xie very naturally pulled her hands out from Jun Wu Yao’s “paws” to receive the map, scrutinising it carefully.

An eyebrow on Jun Wu Yao’s face raised up as he looked at the fully focused Jun Wu Xie before his gaze slowly shifted onto Qiao Chu. Qiao Chu had been smiling happily all this while but when he saw Jun Wu Yao’s eyes on him, for some unknown reason, he was suddenly feeling a strange chill on the back of his neck. He instinctively hunched his neck into his shoulders as he blinked blankly at the widely smiling face of Jun Wu Yao.

“Big Brother Jun.” Qiao Chu called out to Jun Wu Yao, in oblivious ignorance.

Jun Wu Yao nodded slightly in response.

“Where is Fan Zhuo?” Jun Wu Xie had finished studying the map, and she handed it back to Qiao Chu.

Qiao Chu said in answer: “Fan Zhuo is still there. He seemed to have more things he wanted to ask Ning Rui, so we came over first. Just saying….. Little Xie, are you really confident you can cure Fan Jin’s condition?” When Qiao Chu and the others had arrived at Chan Lin Town and saw Fan Jin, their hearts had wrenched in pain when they saw the always jovial and exuberant youth they knew reduced to such a sorry state.

Although they did not share the same fate, but Fan Jin was nevertheless a righteous friend. Even without his relationship with Fan Zhuo, they would still not wish to see Fan Jin fall into such a wretched state.

Jun Wu Xie nodded. “I am, but I need a little time. Before Fan Jin recovers, we will need Brother Hua to continue to appear as Fan Jin.”

The Zephyr Academy had just undergone great turmoil and it urgently needs someone to lead them back to normality. If it is revealed that Fan Jin has not recovered, it will surely throw its ability to maintain its reputation as a top academy into great doubt.

Although Jun Wu Xie never liked to get involved in the affairs of others, the Zephyr Academy was nevertheless deeply linked to Fan Jin and Fan Zhuo, and she would not allow the Zephyr Academy to be destroyed without doing anything.

Qiao Chu was taken aback a moment. He stared at Hua Yao who was disguised as Fan Jin and said: “Doesn’t that mean Brother Hua would have to remain looking like this for quite a while?”

Qiao Chu had always been closest to Hua Yao as they usually moved together in their missions. Suddenly asking him to pull his usual antics looking at Fan Jin’s face everyday…..

He really wasn’t really used to it.

Hua Yao didn’t really mind it much, taking it as repayment for a favour owed.

Early the next morning, Jun Wu Xie got Ye Sha to fetch Wen Xin Han and the others back to the academy. To prevent people from finding out, Fan Jin was placed straight into the little bamboo grove while Hua Yao assumed Fan Jin’s identity to run the Zephyr Academy’s daily affairs with Wen Xin Han’s and Fan Zhuo’s assistance.

Luckily the real Fan Jin himself had not been entirely familiar with these matters himself, hence, when Hua Yao started asking the teachers many questions, it had not raised any unwanted suspicions.


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