GDBBM – Chapter 744

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Chapter 744: “Squeezing her Small Hand (3)”

Towards a certain someone’s extreme disparity in the way he treated people who were eyeing his treasures, Ye Sha and Ye Mei were quick to come to a tacit understanding to overlook the matter.

To their Lord Jue, whatever the Young Miss wanted, he was only to glad to provide!

“After this, what is Little Xie intending to do?” Jun Wu Yao asked Jun Wu Xie, looking at her seriously. The Heaven’s End Cliff had come about only after his disappearance and according to what Ye Mei had told him, that place contained a collection of the most dangerous things the Dark Regime were able to put together. If they went there without a map, even he was not entirely confident that he would be able to find it.

“Find the maps.” Jun Wu Xie replied. She did not need to hide anything from Jun Wu Yao.

Ning Rui was already imprisoned, and the map he held would soon be in their hands. Adding that to the other two pieces they already had with them, they would hold a total of three out of the eight map in existence.

“On our way to the Heaven’s End Cliff, we encountered people from the Yan Country. If the information we gathered is accurate, the Crown Prince of the Yan Country should be holding another piece of the map.” If they manage to get their hands on that map, they would have four pieces, which would make up half, and the rest would just be a matter of time.

“Oh? Do you need my help then?” Jun Wu Yao asked with a laugh.

Jun Wu Xie however shook her head. She had not forgotten that Jun Wu Yao would occasionally go missing, his departure sudden, and that would mean that he had his own matters that he needed to attend to.

Jun Wu Yao was extremely powerful, more powerful than anyone she had ever met. But she did not want to be reliant on Jun Wu Yao for everything that happened. Only if she gained power herself, would it yield her the best results. If Jun Wu Xie seeked to oppose the Twelve Palaces, then she must not rely on the powers of others in everything.

Jun Wu Yao did not force the issue and left it up to Jun Wu Xie to decide.

“Does that mean Little Xie will be going to the Yan Country next?” Jun Wu Yao asked with an eyebrow raised, with his eyes still lowered and focused on the on the fair little fingers of Jun Wu Xie’s, seemingly not be able to get enough of it.

“Not for the time being. Fei Yan needs to snoop around for more information on the Yan Country first and Lord Meh Meh’s and Fan Jin’s injuries….. I want to cure them first.” Jun Wu Xie said, her brow furrowing suddenly. Lord Meh Meh’s injuries had been cured and it would only need a period of nursing before making a full recovery. But Fan Jin’s condition was a little more complicated and would require a little more effort.

Fan Qi was dead and the Zephyr Academy sorely needed a new Headmaster to come forth to shoulder the heavy responsibilities. Fan Zhuo was destined to leave with them and the Zephyr Academy must only be left for Fan Jin, as was the right thing to do.

“Then, should I remain here to keep you company?” Jun Wu Yao asked.

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes to look at Jun Wu Yao. In those eyes sparkling with a smile, she saw herself reflected within.

“You are done with your own matters?”

Jun Wu Yao shook his head, and declared nonchalantly: “It won’t make a difference if I delay it a little. Instead, I am more concerned with is whether Little Xie dislikes my company?” The pair of enchanting eyes were suddenly looking forlorn, but there was the slightest tinge of teasing hidden in them. The pitiful look in those eyes suddenly made Jun Wu Xie feel rather flustered and she did not know what to do.

She lowered her head instead and chose to ignore Jun Wu Yao’s query.

Seeing that the little one was clamping up and refusing to answer him once again, Jun Wu Yao was nevertheless calm. He ordered Ye Sha and Ye Mei to clean up the place before he resumed with his teasing of Jun Wu Xie.

Faced with a certain someone’s continued teasing, Jun Wu Xie was feeling rather distressed and helpless. Her Uncle and Grandfather had never teased her in such a manner and although they always spoke to her in a very gentle tone as well, she could not help but feel that there was a vast difference when Jun Wu Yao was doing it.

If this had happened in the past, Jun Wu Xie would have immediately chased him out. But Jun Wu Yao had a been tagged with the position of “Big Brother” and Jun Wu Xie did not know how to deal with it now.

Coincidentally at that same moment while she was feeling endlessly flustered, Fan Jin came in with Qiao Chu and the others who had rushed over.

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